Winter Solstice with Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius – Dec 2020

Ready for a mood shift? We are entering a monumental updraft from the heavy drag of Saturn-Jupiter in slow, traditional Capricorn into progressive, visionary Aquarius tomorrow. Saturn entered Aquarius on Dec 17 and Jupiter joins it on Dec 19. Hooray! 

It’s time to fly, as Aquarius is the Sky god ruling everything that flies through the air – from electricity to airplanes to the internet. The big picture deal is that this begins a Saturn-Jupiter meeting in air signs (leaving earth) for the next 200 years – a real paradigm shift that will be tangible. 

Capricorn is slow, dense, methodical and oriented to the past (the way we’ve always done it). Aquarius is airy, light, fast and progressive, looking for better solutions to address current events and change the future. This visionary energy is illustrated by people like Elon Musk (Mars, North Node of Destiny in Aquarius), and Steve Jobs (Mercury in Aquarius). This is about innovation, genius and vision that you don’t see when you’re obediently following the rules (Capricorn). 

With Pluto in Capricorn for three more years, our government, institutions and banking systems will be transformed from old models into new, more progressive structures that will serve the world going forward. 

Although we’re in a process, things should speed up considerably with Jupiter-Saturn in airy Aquarius. There will be conflicts between the old and new in 2021 (Saturn square Uranus all year), but this too, is part of the deconstruction/reconstruction that we’re in the midst of. We need stability and change – that’s the highest expression of the old and new, rather than burning down the house to start over.

Jupiter rules expansion, growth, meaningful pursuits, social causes and the big picture. In Aquarius, it has extraordinary vision with an eye toward the masses, which means all people, not the 1% or select groups. What can benefit us all? That’s what we’re moving into – fresh approaches to our new world. Saturn will ground the energy, as it still requires regulations and boundaries. New rules for social media (Aquarius rules the internet) is one of the Saturn in Aquarius expressions currently on the table.

Tonight (Dec 18) the Sun and Mercury meet on the Galactic Center, a powerful degree that connect that connects to dimensions beyond this one, so pay attention to ideas, realizations, incoming info and connections that occur over the next few days. You may tune in to pivotal info/insights that shape your direction going forward, which aligns with the Aquarian theme of out of the box thinking and interpretation (that YOU decide and control).

Also on Dec 19, Venus trines Chiron, highlighting compassion, empathy and care for all things heart-related. This is beautiful healing energy for those who suffer, as well as the potential for healing issues around worthiness and deservability. Reach out to those who may need attention or support if you want to make good use of this reminder of what we can always give and receive.

Mercury leaves impulsive Sagittarius to enter serious Capricorn on Dec 20 – Jan 9, ’21, making this the beginning of a period when your thinking is practical, committed and can focus on planning. Perfect timing to decide on actions for 2021, as you are seeking to bring ideas into form and make them real. Use it well!

Dec 21 is the big event – the Winter Solstice Return of the Light, as the Sun moves into Capricorn, and then we also have the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (meeting at the same degree). This creates an extraordinarily hopeful launch into an expansive energetic feeling of possibilities, high ideals and hope, with solid support. Jupiter=go big, Saturn=make it real. This is an auspicious marker for the beginning of a new age that supports innovation and restructuring our country, our culture and our world.

On Dec 23, Mars squares Pluto, indicating issues around power and control, with conflicting agendas involved. This is a day to use this strong-willed energy to accomplish a task or get something done, rather than be at the effect of this potentially flammable dynamic that’s just waiting for a conflict to then blow up. Don’t go there! Make a decision (in advance), to lay low, do you thing and keep your head down to avoid problems. This will pass quickly, so easy does it with others – don’t send that angry email or confront anyone/anything touchy today.

Later on Dec 23, Mercury squares Chiron, which can bring up erroneous thinking, negative mental patterns, feeling misunderstood or saying something hurtful to another. This may be an illustration of what caused an earlier Mars-Pluto conflict (whether you expressed it out loud or not), so check in with yourself if you are disturbed about anything to see how your thinking got you here. A healthy check-in.

Finally, late on Dec 24 (Christmas Eve), Mercury trines Uranus, making for visionary thinking, bright ideas, game-changing conversations and wonderful surprises! Lovely timing for Christmas, when you can see new openings and set intentions accessed from your brilliance, genius or Higher Mind. At this quiet, peaceful time you may want to envision 2021 and where you’re being called.

Counting down to the end days of 2020, as we shift into Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius, allow your mind to open – and prepare to align with the birth of our emerging world in 2021!

“Finding a solution consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.” ~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize winner, Physiology or Medicine, 1937

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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