Winter Solstice/Full Moon in Cancer – Dec 21/22, 2018

We awaken to the Sun in the last degree of fiery Sagittarius until it moves into earthy Capricorn and Winter Solstice at 5:23pm ET today – a major shift in the energy, as we enter into the winter season and shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

The Winter Solstice is a time to honor the return of the Light and I urge you to mark the occasion in some meaningful way, whether doing a ritual, saying a prayer, setting an intention or sitting in meditation.

The Sun was trine Uranus yesterday (Thurs) and remains in aspect today, activating changes in thinking and how you envision your future. Uranus creates change, so don’t resist by clinging to the usual. Be willing to explore and do something different going forward. This is the time!

With the Sun in serious Capricorn, you need a plan. What you will actually do. Capricorn hates mistakes; it is cautious and likes methodical actions. Structures, systems and goals are all Capricorn domains.

Mercury is conjunct abundant Jupiter today, which instigates ideas and possibilities with a big picture vision (active all weekend), and is exact today. Make use of this can-do energy. Trust your bright ideas and write them down. Don’t dismiss your genius – high ideals with aligned actions will create your new path forward!

This optimistic energy is a gift – and if you have doubts, get help to learn how to handle the fear that gets in your way and stops you. You don’t have to stay stuck in limitations. This is not the goal of life.

Also, Venus (earthly love) trines Neptune (Divine Love) today – and is in effect all weekend, too. This is heart consciousness and romance, visions, Higher Self, All That Is, compassion, empathy, and imagination. Very creative and spiritual, and especially romantic. It’s easy to get carried away…

You can have a magical connection with another, it just may be fleeting. Neptune is the planet of illusion and it can create a mystical, magical vibe that wears off when reality sets in. So be forewarned if you get with someone new on this aspect – have fun but don’t make any commitments yet :))

The Full Moon is in ultra-sensitive Cancer (Sat Dec 22 @ 12:49pm ET) that rules emotional needs and how you get them met, your home (your nest), feelings of tenderness, vulnerability, emotional safety and security, family, food, tradition, connection, nurturing and being nurtured.

Are you neglecting your emotional needs for giving and receiving?  Is there an imbalance on one side or the other (more giving than receiving)? How can you take better care of yourself? Cancer is the sign of the mother and it is a spiritual practice to “mother” yourself in a loving way.

The Sun in Capricorn rules your career, the structures in your life and your Inner Authority. Do you say what you mean and mean what you say? Or do you edit/withhold or mind-read to avoid disapproval? It’s a hard way to live and a lot of people do it.

Capricorn is reality – where do you need to get real in your life?  This is the energy that supports your efforts; and with the Lord of Karma, you get back in equal measure what you put out. Commitment and effort are both rewarded.

Goal-setting doesn’t have to be heavy. Take those big Mercury-Jupiter in Sagittarius ideas and see what actions you can take (at least to begin) to move forward. And if objections come up, get help. It’s amazing what can happen!

The Full Moon in Cancer asks you to focus on how to do your work AND get your needs met. A beautiful balance. And since you are the CEO of your life, this is your job!

On Mon, Dec 24 we have a Mercury-Neptune square, bringing a vision or an intuitive message. Or maybe you’ll create a beautiful poem or other offering. If you feel disillusioned or empty inside (a lower expression of the energy), this is a call for care and attention.

Mercury (mind) and Neptune (Spirit, imagination, Higher Self) can be a beautiful combo – perfect for Christmas eve, connecting with loved ones, sitting in front of a fire, or attending a spiritual service.

Christmas Day looks festive and fun, as does the rest of the week. Enjoy, appreciate your blessings and have reverence for all your blessings. It’s a special time with the Winter Solstice, Full Moon in Cancer, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, taking us through Wed, Dec 26.

May you and your loved ones all be blessed.


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