Winter Solstice / Christmas Solar Eclipse – Dec 2019

We have a profound week of dramatic shifts, with two planets changing signs, the Winter Solstice, major aspects, and a Solar Eclipse on Christmas. Wow! Feel the dynamic energy of all that!

Venus moved from Capricorn into free spirit Aquarius last night, calling new people and experiences into your space through early January. Venus in Aquarius likes what’s unique, innovative and stimulating. It’s a lively energy for the holiday season, ready to mix and mingle, open to the new.

The Sun leaves fiery Sagittarius to enter grounded Capricorn on the Winter Solstice @ 11:20pm ET on Dec 21. This is the shortest day of the year – the birth of the Light and return of the Sun with each new day, going forward.

This is a good time for a ritual around releasing all that is complete, outdated or not serving you to clear space for the year ahead. Regrets, grudges, hurts or limitations can be done if you are ready to let them go. Write them down and burn or toss them. You can embark with new awareness, intentions and freedom with a vision for your future. Do something to mark this sacred turning point, if you want to utilize it.

All weekend you’ll feel the energy of Venus square Uranus and Mars sextile Pluto, both of which become exact on Sun, Dec 22. Venus-Uranus invites you to break out of your usual routine and identity, whether it’s a new style, way of operating, change of plans or other spontaneous experience.

Be open to doing things differently and move beyond the usual. This can be really fun if you’re willing to stretch – and if your partner surprises you with  a new game plan, roll with it. Be adventurous and shake things up!

Mars-Pluto increases your personal power and fuels your capacity to execute successfully, which is excellent for work, projects, or if you just want plans to run smoothly. Productive, innovative perspectives are yours for the visioning if you want to begin a new trajectory around the Solstice.

The Sun trines Uranus on Dec 24, which may bring a creative and exciting change, surprise or opportunity – and on Christmas Eve day, what fun! Stay tuned for that… or you may do something different that will be liberating for you. Express yourself – come out of hiding and shake things up!

On Dec 25 @ 9:13pm PT — Dec 26 @ 12:13am ET we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 4º Capricorn. Remember, a Solar Eclipse is a new beginning that is exponentially greater that usual. Watch for unexpected changes and fated events. Boom! And on Christmas, just before or after midnight in the U.S.

This Solar Eclipse includes expansive Jupiter as well as the South Node, which indicates positive benefits from releasing that which is old and overwith. Feel into it and see how that can apply for you. Also, an Eclipse can suddenly remove things, without you having to drive the action.

Between the Solstice and the Solar Eclipse, there is a profound ending and new beginning, that’s for you to discern. And there’s big energy supporting creative changes and the power to make them happen.

It all begins internally, in your consciousness, so take time to contemplate where you are, what you want and where you’re going. You don’t have to have all the answers, but get as clear as you can and stay present.

Easy does it around this Solar Eclipse. Have fun with your loved ones and be spacious. This is an action-packed week, with lots going on, but it can all be joyful while serving your growth and evolution.

May you find peace and inspiration in the grace of your life – and may you be surrounded by love.

Namaste and happy holidays! xo

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