Winter Solstice 2012

Today we experience the Winter Solstice and the end of a 26,000 year cycle, known as The Great Awakening or the Mayan Long Count calendar.

Yes, some think it will be the end of the world, but I see it as a continuing shift into a higher vibration that we’ve been moving towards steadily for some years now.

What a ride it’s been – think of all the major changes that have occurred in our world collectively – and in your world personally! Life is not how it used to be…

And we’re not finished – not by any means. The Uranus-Pluto square is in effect until 2015, which will continue to break down old archaic structures that no longer serve us, while new paradigms begin to take root in our culture.

Change in mass consciousness does not happen quickly – and often is the result of dramatic events that touch people deeply. Deeply entrenched patterns (thoughts/beliefs) are anchored way in, firmly, especially by those who find security in what is familiar

The seekers, mavericks and agents of change dare to go out on a limb, try new things, and then build momentum. That is many of you! It takes courage to think for yourself and open to new perspectives to see how they fit for you, rather than obediently following tradition or indoctrination.

Humans are resilient and the times are changing. This Mayan calendar event is a great marker for you to make a deliberate decision to live your life as a conscious expression of your Authentic Self.

I am in awe of the grace displayed by the community in Newtown, CT, and how they’ve publicly handled their tragedy. I’ve heard no blame or stories of victimhood – rather, messages of humility, love and compassion. What a legacy their departed loved ones leave behind, these precious little angels and their caretakers at school.

 This, to me, is a profound expression of The New Earth and The Awakening – where we take care of each other with love and compassion, while taking responsibility for our own path and looking forward to create a better future for the Greater Good of all concerned.

You must be in your power in order to offer your contribution from a high vibration. When you feel disempowered, you become vulnerable to lower energies like anxiety, doubt, depression, victimhood and struggle. This is when you’re wobbly and it’s easy to unconsciously make decisions that validate your powerlessness.

Please, take this opportunity to wake up! Decide to do something about whatever’s not working in your life.

Whatever you resist facing will become increasingly painful, but it’s not a punishment – it’s a WAKE UP CALL.

Welcome to your Awakening!

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