Whitney Houston’s Passing and Your Life

12 years ago

Last Sat we experienced the death of Whitney Houston, which brought up lots of grief for me, even though I’ve been clean and sober for 20 years.

Looking at young Whitney, so fresh with such a gift – and to see how she threw herself away brought back memories of the damage I did to myself in my 20s and 30s.

It is tragic how we can hurt ourselves and our loved ones.

Drugs and alcohol create separation, cloud the spirit, and kill the body. Please don’t go there. Denial is deadly – don’t throw yourself away. You are a treasure, you are worthy and your presence is important. You don’t know how you may bless others in the future with your life. I’m praying for your awakening. Please send this to anyone you love who needs to receive this message. ♥

Now think about yourself. Drugs/alcohol may not be your problem, but are you disrespecting your natural gifts in other ways? Do you have talents that you’re hiding or withholding from others?

Your gifts were given for you to share with others. So often in astrology readings I see gifts that are not expressed because the person thinks what they have/do isn’t special or good enough. No, no, no! Not true!

The object isn’t perfection or competition – it’s about expression, contribution, sharing, and connecting with others via your unique talent. You don’t know who needs to experience your creation/expression.

If only you knew how beautiful you are, you wouldn’t be hiding your gifts or diminishing yourself. Allow others to appreciate you and celebrate your offering. Don’t go through life judging yourself negatively, withholding and wondering what it might have been like to step fully into your Self to be seen and heard.

You are here now – and even if you’ve denied yourself in the past, you can change your life today by making a new decision and choosing a new path. It’s never too late to begin again!

You can find meaning in every experience, which allows you to turn tragedy into triumph. Let Whitney’s death be a wake-up call for you to honor yourself.

By the way – anything you’re good at is a gift. Don’t ever judge it as no big deal. If it’s no big deal to you, that’s because you’re good at it!

You are important and you have no idea who may need what you do. I’m rooting for you, always!

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