What a set up! {The Promise of Venus Retrograde}

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At the end of the day, you really just want to be happy and feel good about yourself and your life, right? Feel valued and valuable.

There’s an epidemic of insecurity and self-doubt in our culture, fueled by messages that tell you you’re not enough, one way or the other.  What a set-up!

Everyone wants to feel special and appreciated, but it’s easy to abandon yourself to become who you THINK you’re supposed to be when you’re feeling off-center.

But what a price you pay for that!

You may become General Manager of the Universe and try to control everything. Not exactly the recipe for being happy – or for receiving love :)

Here’s the reality: the way you feel about yourself inside determines your level of happiness, love, $$, peace, and the connections you allow yourself to have.

That’s why I’m doing The Promise of Venus Retrograde, because it’s time to break free of unloving patterns that block abundance, fulfillment and joy!

Go here if you want to know more: https://www.soullevelsolutions.com/promise-venus/

Treat yourself as the precious Being that you are – and give yourself the gift of awareness, practical care and direction.

You are so worth it!


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