Welcome to March ’13

Welcome to March! The energy is soft and flowy and sometimes disorienting these days, but I love this feeling.

I hope you’re using this beautiful energy to nurture and support your dreams, creativity, and spiritual adventures.

I had a Cosmic Clarity telecall – Mercury Retrograde Edition on Wed, Feb 27th, to explain the current astrological energies and to share my latest offering with you.

There’s a lot going on from now through the Eclipses in April/May so here is a replay of the call. The more you know, the better :)

Cosmic Clarity audio: play here

Cosmic Clarity audio: download here

I am so excited about the new class I have created, called:

Frame Your Future: Essential Elements for Life in 2013 & Beyond!

Not only am I jazzed about sharing the teachings from all that I’ve learned and integrated in the last few years, I have included a bonus with this class that has never been offered anywhere before!

I so want you to be able to shift into a higher, more aware and empowered way of being that allows you greater peace, productivity and joy – with focus and flow.

The words may sound simple, but they are profound concepts, so please don’t minimize their effect on your quality of life :).

I’m giving you everything I’ve got on this one – including access to my super-gifted Online Business Manager, Debbie Ally! You can’t BUY a session with her – but you can have one as a bonus when you enroll in the Frame Your Future class. I think this is the most awesome bonus ever – and I am so grateful to Debbie for her generosity in doing this for you.

I predict great leaps forward for those who choose this class. It’s going to be so good – and just as the astrological energy gets really intense, we’ll be there taking care of you!

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