Welcome the 2019 New Year ~ Dec 28, 2018

We end 2018 on a weekend that’s relatively quiet, with Mars in the final degrees of non-confrontational Pisces. But Mars is conjunct Chiron (The Wound and Wounded Healer archetype) all weekend – either triggering your deepest vulnerabilities or, if you’re proactive, inviting you to take responsibility for that which used to take you down. Do your work and ask for help if you need it.

If you don’t use this as an opportunity to evolve it can be a painful descent into darkness or victimhood. You do have a choice as an adult. Every time. You are not trapped.

On New Year’s Eve (Mon, Dec 31), Mars enters Aries with a burst of energy and drive that will propel you forward through mid-Feb. Talk about a shift!

We begin 2019 with four of ten planets in their home signs, giving them extra mojo to fully express themselves and do their jobs for optimal impact. Mars (action) in Aries, Jupiter (expansion) in Sagittarius, Saturn (work) in Capricorn, and Neptune (dreams) in Pisces are each aligned with the signs that support their mission.

Here’s a breakdown with a little more detail:

Mars makes things happen, going for what it wants fearlessly and directly. Think Nike – just do it! How to utilize it: what bold actions do you need to take in order to move forward now? (Hint: Mars isn’t a “do it later” planet.)

Jupiter sees the big picture and is inspired to stretch with optimistic zeal for high ideals, and is willing to travel beyond familiar territory to get it! How to utilize it: where are you underestimating yourself, playing small and/or settling for too little? What is your mission in this lifetime? (Hint: it’s not to play it safe – and your positive attitude will carry you far!)

Saturn is grounded in reality with methodical planning and actions to build structures that are lasting and solid (literal and figurative). The commitment and discipline required to achieve success feeds the satisfaction you derive from getting it. Doing the work changes how you feel about yourself by generating healthy Self-esteem.

How to utilize it: what is the next thing you know you need to do, learn or handle that will evolve your life? What have you been avoiding? (Hint: the real magic is putting your efforts into something that’s a true expression of YOU as opposed to enduring drudgery with no inspired plan. Work should not be a 4-letter word!).

Neptune rules higher realms of consciousness: awakening, intuition, dreams, Oneness, Divine Love, compassion, empathy, imagination, creativity and spiritual initiations. How to utilize it: daydream, listen to music, create art, bathe in nature, meditate or choose a spiritual practice, wander, create space, have no agenda and see what arises. (Hint: All of these soft, sensitive, subtle energies come through you and then it’s up to YOU to embrace them, make them conscious, and take actions to manifest and make them real.)

This is how Saturn (reality/responsibility) works with nebulous Neptune to make your dreams a reality. Both components are necessary. There are plenty of dreamers who never manifest their dreams – and those who work hard with no real sense of accomplishment, rather a feeling of being stuck in victimhood or limitation. This is so true in our culture, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

The purpose of learning how to use all the planets so they can work for you is to first get clear about your dreams and desires (Neptune),  then finding your inspiration to help you stretch beyond your comfort zone (Jupiter), committing to a plan or next steps (Saturn) and taking action, “all in” (Mars).

I reflect on my developmental trajectory from my 40s to my 60s – and all the work I did to learn the various content, teachings, skills and consciousness training that allowed me to expand beyond old limitations and become someone I didn’t know I could be. And how it all came together, that feels miraculous. But I was determined to heal myself, so my goal wasn’t to become “Somebody,” it was to become “Me.”

Do you realize that you were taught how to live by people before you?Look at their life – you could well be living your version of their limitations.

In order to create a different way you need teachers and teachings – so you can open to new ways of thinking. Make this a commitment for 2019 and you will do well. The world is changing rapidly. If you get stuck in one way of being you will be left behind. Open, open, open!

And to that end, we have a Sun-Saturn conjunction on Wed Dec 2 that will require you to make a decision to take responsibility for something. It’s the start of a new cycle. Inner Authority. What is it for you? A new structure in your life, an evolved way of Being in the world, a promotion, new work? Take this seriously – not from a place of pressure, but as the opportunity it presents: step into the next level of expression for you.

Saturn and Pluto (the two heavy hitters – Authority and transformation) will be coming together in Capricorn over the next few months (and years). This is the time for getting real and doing the work to make it so.

And the Grand Finale: a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Sat, Jan 5, 2019 – which will kick the year off with “wild card,” energy as Eclipses do.

Stay tuned… there’s more info to come, but we never really know what will happen on an Eclipse. It’s definitely some major new beginning so if something leaves your life, it’s clearing the way for a new arrival. And whatever comes, stay open with curiosity rather than judging or rejecting anything unfamiliar.

In changing times your job is to surf the waves and continue to evolve.

Wishing you and yours a blessed New Year and 2019!

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