Wake Up! Full Moon in Scorpio – May 2015

Moon Zen

We open this week approaching the Full Moon on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which is all about values and security (Taurus Sun) vs. other people’s values and resources/transformation/upheaval and death/rebirth (Scorpio Moon).

Remember, as always, the emotional energy heightens as we approach the Full Moon and then disperses after the Moon is Full and the energy begins to dissipate (11:42pm EDT on Sunday, May 3rd).

Nepal and Baltimore. Need I say more? There are so many layers of upheaval and bringing things to Light (Scorpio rules everything that’s hidden, including the darkness). What is really going on?

And Mother Nature creating suffering for the gentle Nepalese people; why do these things happen? It certainly is a wake-up call that reminds us of the fragility of life – and that nothing is certain or permanent. The invitation is to live in the present moment, without fear, and think, “How can I help?”

We are all entitled to our viewpoints about what’s happening in the world, but know that no one is right. You adopt the beliefs that feel right for you, but I hope (for your sake) they are not fear-driven or blaming.

Healing can only happen through love, compassion and connection. We have far too many wars going on (on all levels, including within), involving people  or identities who insist that they are right.

My focus is on encouraging and helping you to be your most empowered, compassionate Self, so that you can offer the contributions that you came here to make for the Greater Good.

And right now, we are in preparation mode, taking the actions that we will come back to and course correct later in May through mid-June.

The Sun is in harmony with super-powered Pluto all week, creating a feeling of stability to offset the Full Moon in Scorpio, which can bring up hidden/unconscious darkness, power struggles, control issues and other disowned attitudes, strategies and behaviors that we project on to others, making them wrong.

If you find yourself triggered by somebody or something, take the high road and feel into how YOU do what you are so objecting to in the “other.” Rather than rant, make this experience useful and transformative for you! This is how you use the energy to evolve yourself.

You don’t like what they did? Find how and when YOU do that in your own way. This is a high level inquiry – and the road to compassion. When you find that your judgments of others are really all about you, then humility, compassion and realignment are possible.

It takes courage and a real desire for peace and Higher Self living to be willing to look at yourself rather than blaming others. That’s why it’s helpful to have community when doing this work, so you have people who love you to mirror back what’s happening from an objective perspective (you can’t change a flat tire from inside the car :)).

Be fearless in exploring as you hit speed bumps along the way. Each one is an opportunity for you to reclaim energy and power that you have given away.

Take actions with reverence this week and watch your experience of life shift into a high vibration as you make changes and begin paths that create lasting results.

I wish you peace – and may ALL Beings be happy and well.

Namaste. ♥︎

We have all day Moon Void of Course periods this week, which affects business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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