Wake Up and Shift – February 2, 2024

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This can be an enlightening week and what you learn may alter some aspect of you and your life. Pluto and Mercury will be conjoined in Aquarius for the first time in 200+ years, potentially revealing blind spots or where you’ve been in denial – and then it is up to you to determine what to do with any info received. 

Feb 2 – Mercury sextile Neptune – This supports intuitive guidance and direction, creative expression, channeling, writing and speaking, as well bringing dreams into form by creating an outline, program or physical structure. Mercury in Capricorn excels at making things real that will last and Neptune rules higher consciousness, imagination, spiritual practices and selfless service. Choose an expression that suits you and soothes you.

Feb 4/5 – Mercury in Aquarius – Mental Mercury leaves earth bound, rule-follower Capricorn to enter airborne, free spirit Aquarius late on Feb 4 (PST) and early on Feb 5 (EST). Mercury in Aquarius relates to technology, science, the future, inventions, electricity, internet, AI, science fiction (which isn’t fiction for long…), genius, brilliance, ETs. 

Mercury in Aquarius thinks outside the box, is visionary, modern, always looking for innovation to create a quantum leap. This Mercury is focused on the Greater Good, the masses and humanity, objective ideas rather than personal relationships in general.

More events on Feb 5: 

Venus square Chiron – You have learned and healed much around a wound or issue and maybe now you are at peace, holding yourself and others involved with compassionate acceptance. If you still need healing, let your mantra be: “I only want what is in alignment with my Divine Self,” find your helpers and keep going. Don’t ever give up. 

Sun sextile Chiron – This supports Venus square Chiron, lifting you up to shine – to discover and express buried or hidden gifts that have always been within you just waiting to come out. You have to be ready to be some kind of *special* that wasn’t allowed where you came from – that’s why it’s been underground. 

You don’t have to know why – you just have to trust your impulses and desires, where you’re led and what you’re called to express and explore. Trust your process and timing. You’re not late, you’re not wrong – your process is perfect for you! (P.S. It’s your ego giving the commentary about right-wrong and timing. This is your soul’s mission). 

Mercury conjunct Pluto in Aquarius – Pluto rules what’s hidden and when Mercury arrives, the truth comes out, either from an external source or from within you (a breakthrough). This is CSI energy, when you want the real story and intense communications are on the menu, deep and profound. With the proper inquiry and radical honesty, Mercury in Aquarius can facilitate profound insights and brilliance that illuminates shadows and truly sets you free. This is what successful therapy does – goes into the deep unconscious to find the story and releases trapped energies. 

Mercury-Pluto can be extreme persuasion, where you (or another) are pushing an idea more than you realize, even with good intentions. You may become obsessed with a thought, person or thing – or you go into detective mode, determined to get to the bottom of something. Plutonian types know what I’m talking about; like a dog with a bone.

Feb 6 – Venus square Nodes of Fate / Destiny – This has various interpretations. Your ego desires (Venus) may be in conflict with your North Node of Destiny (Aries = Claim your identity, find your will, do it your way). Maybe your Venus would rather be taken care of or doesn’t want to rock the boat (South Node in Libra). How can you get your Venus desires met (values, how you value your Self, $$, relationships) and still move toward the independent self-directed North Node in Aries? That’s the negotiation. 

Feb 7 – Venus trine Uranus – Venus is ready for a shakeup, excitement and stimulation in relationships, style, who you surround yourself with, what you pursue. Same old, same old or the road less traveled? Safe or Authentic? Dare you go where you’ve never gone before? Shake it up! And don’t be surprised if an unexpected opportunity drops into your lap – an invitation, a gift, an introduction – you never know what may happen! You have to to be in it to win it (as they say :)) 

Mars sextile Neptune – Wu Wei (The Tao) is a way to move – natural action without struggle or excessive effort, actions effortlessly aligned with the flow of life. Use your intuition (Neptune) for guidance as you take actions (Mars). Rather than push, you flow around obstacles and allow your natural instincts to as your GPS. It’s like a moving meditation. 

Feb 8 – Sun square Uranus – This is the prelude to the New Moon in Aquarius on Feb 9 @ 3pm PST that Uranus will square as well. Uranus is unexpected change – and this is electric energy that strikes like lightning. This can show up via world events, but it may touch you personally depending on your chart. 

This is perfect for making a proactive change for anything stale, outdated or that is no longer yours to carry. Release, release, release. Take good care of your nervous system and give yourself and everyone extra space today. Move gently, watch for accidents, be mindful driving and know that people may be touchy, so dial down the drama.

Remember, ALL planets are Direct until Mercury turns Retrograde on April 1 and the pace will continue to pick up as we go. Also, this is a leap year and we have 29 days this month – an extra long February! 

I’m wishing you a fruitful, fertile week of insights, discoveries and breakthroughs that release you from any bonds that inhibit the free expression of your magnificent Authentic Self. We need you here, fully and joyfully, to share your gifts with the world. Stay tuned – it’s going to be more amazing than your 3D mind can imagine. 

Remember, this is your soul’s contract – to be here now, as part of the revolutionary transition team. 

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” ~ Deepak Chopra 

“To the fearful, change is threatening because they worry that things may get worse. To the hopeful, change is encouraging because they feel things may get better.” ~ Buck Rogers

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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