Venus Turns Retrograde – March 4, 2017

This week promises to be quieter than February was, as the chaos is dying down – or maybe we’ve become desensitized to the craziness of this “new normal.”

We are in the aftermath of the Eclipse energy, which feels like a snow globe with the flakes still settling to find their new arrangement. Do you and your life feel different than before? And then there’s the elimination process which is always part of Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac.

In a few weeks, we will begin the new astrological year on the Spring Equinox (March 20). Until then, it’s about endings and completions, releasing that which is no longer relevant as new people, places and things appear for the next leg of the journey. Be open!

The major focus now is on Venus (planet of love), that turns Retrograde on Sat, March 4th until April 15th. This is your opportunity to review and explore Venus issues, which relate to the quality of your life.

Venus is your desires – and rules love, (how you do) all relationships, what makes life worth living, $$, what you value and how you value yourself, along with your style and creativity.

This Venus is in Aries, the warrior, maverick or pioneer. Aries is a go-getter, so put energy into upgrading your quality of life and getting the care you need.

Retrograde energy is about the “re” words: revise, redo, remodel, refocus, reorganize or regroup to take a second look to course correct or upgrade your experience.

Don’t make major $$ purchases or decisions during this time if possible, as your judgment may be off. Don’t have cosmetic surgery or make other permanent style choices (tattoos) at this time – you may change your mind when Venus goes Direct and be stuck with an old decision.

This is a good time for a reality check around $$ – your spending, what you spend it on (is it deliberate?), your income, giving/receiving, and saving. Are you being paid or charging what you’re worth?

And what about your worth… talk about a loaded topic! This is the big one. How do you feel about yourself, really? Do you give to get? Are you able to receive or is that illegal? Do you operate in pretense, in order to get attention, approval or to feel acceptable? All these things have a dramatic impact on your experience of life.

Relationship issues are all about you, your feelings of self-worth, lovability and issues around power. When I do astrology readings, I can clearly see your issues and how you got them (one of the many reasons I use astrology – being human can be very confusing!).

This is a great time to re-evaluate all your relationships. Do you give more than you receive (or vice versa)? Can you be real or are you playing a role you were given long ago by your family?

Awareness is Step 1 in making changes – and pain, stress or what’s not working is usually the wake up call. Use it as a path of awareness, rather than trying to ignore or deny it, which really activates stress and gets you nowhere.

Personal development work of all kinds is helpful for Venus issues. Treat yourself lovingly and compassionately, giving yourself a time-out from your To Do list and allowing yourself to receive the care you crave.

Self care brings out the best in all of us. Giving from a well that’s full is an entirely different experience than giving from a place of need or emptiness (bad idea).

You deserve goodness and care, today and always. Take some time to examine the balance sheet in your life and create space for some extra TLC. I vote yes!

Namaste, Pioneers.


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