Venus Retrograde / Mercury Retrograde Approaching – Jan 7, 2022

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We are still in the midst of Venus Retrograde (Dec 19-Jan 29) as we enter the second week of Jan ’22, in which you reassess your values and think about how you want to live. It’s a clarifying, “quality of life” focus – and in a few days we’ll be slowing down as we approach Mercury Retrograde, from Jan 14-Feb 3. 

Therefore, this is the week to handle anything you need to do regarding scheduling, signing contracts or planning – and I would take these actions as soon as possible, as we have a tricky Neptune aspect on Jan 11 and then we’re very close to the Station of Mercury, when it changes direction and wires get easily crossed.

On Jan 8, Venus is conjunct the Sun (called Cazimi) – the midpoint of Venus Retrograde cycle. This is a turning point in your Retrograde process and I invite you consider what you notice, if anything. You may receive a message, someone significant may appear or you may make an auspicious connection (internal or external). Stay tuned. Keep your intuition and heart chakra open – reach out, share your love, shine your Light. With intention and your proactive participation, infinite possibilities exist!

On Jan 9, Mercury sextiles Chiron, allowing for healing words, making amends, compassionate gestures that allow for greater understanding and any communications that facilitate connection and listening. If you have an apology to make, this is a good day for it.

The Sun sextiles Neptune on Jan 10, creating a soft, flowy vibe that goes to making art, viewing art, creativity of all kinds, spiritual practices, being in nature, music, movies, leisure, compassion, empathy, Selfless service to those less fortunate, working or playing with children and animals. This is a day for gentle movement and blissful connections.

Mars squares Neptune on Jan 11, which can create various outcomes, depending on how you embody it. At best, you move intuitively, in flow and harmony with the energy (wu wei), going around obstacles rather than confronting them. No pushing, being spacious. Lower expressions can have you going in circles, feeling sluggish, missing the mark and not knowing it. Easy does it today.

The next few days lead up to Mercury Retrograde on Jan 14, when it’s really easy to make mistakes with data, communications and all forms of information. Mercury rules ground travel, so check the car, be sure you have the new tags on your license plates and your 2022 registration cards in the glove box.

We will have two personal planets Retrograde (Venus, Mercury) for the rest of the month, but the good news is, Uranus turns Direct on Jan 18 and after Mercury turns Direct on Feb 3, all the planets will be Direct until late April when Pluto goes Retrograde. That’s three months of ALL planets Direct!

So don’t worry about the January 2022 Retrograde Review period. I like the idea of starting the year with a review and reality check regarding where you (we) actually are, having the space to reassess and revise – and then after the course corrections, being ready to launch in February!

Make the most of this pre-Mercury Retrograde time, by getting your ducks in a row – and then enjoy your review. Don’t squander this slowdown where you can reflect on what’s working and what you want to change in your life. Use this time to get organized.

It’s your life – and only YOU can know what feels right for you, especially with the Venus Retrograde calling you to fulfill your heart’s desires! Take the time to really explore and give yourself what you deserve. 💜

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo


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