Venus Retrograde in Scorpio & New Moon in Libra – Oct 2018

Venus turns Retrograde today in alchemical Scorpio, sign of power, control and transformation. Venus wants cooperation, all nice and pretty, whereas magnetic, intuitive Scorpio seeks intensity, always looking for what is hidden.

Scorpio probes, diving into deep water to see what’s really real. Shadowy truths. Things you don’t want anyone to see. It sounds a little edgy, but your willingness to get real provides opportunities for transformation. This is potential breakthrough territory – here’s a link if you’re ready to explore how Venus works in your life: Venus Retrograde.

Venus is in Scorpio all of Oct., Retrogrades in Libra all of Nov and then goes back to Scorpio in Dec – early Jan ’19. That’s a lot of Venus in Scorpio, so I suggest you open to the revelations that arise as new info, experiences and feelings come to light in your relationships as well as within your Self.

Venus Retrograde can bring up past relationships, old loves or love objects. It’s a time to review how you value your Self, how you get and handle $$ and how you do relationships. This is prime-time for course corrections in all of those areas. And please don’t make a permanent style change now, as you may not love it after Venus goes Direct again (think tattoos, cosmetic surgery, etc.).

We have a New Moon in Libra on Mon, Oct 8 @ 11:47pm EDT – a time for new beginnings and your New Moon Intentions (write them down!). You’re writing what you really desire, NOT what you think you can have. Your dreams are your spirit speaking to you, when they’re empowering.

Usually a New Moon in Libra is harmonious, all about connection, but this New Moon in Libra is ruled by Venus in Scorpio squaring Mars in Aquarius. This gives it an edge – a “come here, go away” feeling of ambivalence or with some kind of friction, conflict or push, which is antithetical to Libra.

Don’t be surprised if you or your partner brings up recent issues, is not happy and demands a discussion or renegotiation. A breakup? It doesn’t have to be…

This can actually allow you to move your relationship to the next level of evolution IF you are BOTH willing to take responsibility for whatever is not working. It’s probably not new, but is ready to be seen. Please don’t fear conflict. It’s about something that has been suppressed (or hidden) and you can only move forward when real needs are shared.

Mercury moves into Scorpio on Tues, Oct 9 and on Wed, Oct 10 opposes Uranus, potentially bringing unexpected communications or info. And Mars (warrior) squares Venus exactly, upping the ante for conflict. Stay cool. To best handle this day, don’t react to every little thing.

Take in information and give yourself space to process. “Let me get back to you” is a handy phrase if you’re confronted with anything demanding an answer. And for world events, Be Spock. Stay as objective as possible, for your peace of mind and empowerment. Take responsibility for the info you allow in. Please.

So it’s quite a week. Dynamic energies and deep emotional undercurrents are here to illuminate the dark, personally and collectively. Know that. It’s not a punishment or even a test. We are in the midst of a deconstruction that we didn’t even think was possible and we are here to help however we can. That is our mission as heart-centered Beings.

Take good care of yourself. Your presence is important.


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