Venus & Mercury Retrograde Holiday Shopping Guide ’10

Venus Retrograde – Oct 8 to Nov 18, 2010

When it comes to shopping, Venus rules money, beauty, design/decorating, jewelry, hair, makeup, clothing and all luxury items.

Because of the Venus Retrograde tendency to over- or under-value things, or to fall madly in love with an expensive item (or look) that you can’t stand later when Venus goes direct, you are advised NOT to purchase or indulge in these areas during this time.

If you make a commitment via cosmetic surgery, a dramatic haircut, a tattoo, consigning artwork or a designer piece that you are financially responsible for, you are taking a great risk.

Men, don’t buy that surprise engagement ring or other important jewelry for your beloved until after Nov 18th please! And don’t even think about springing for that luxury car or high-end Mediterranean cruise you’ve been dreaming of while Venus is Retrograde!

Advertising is hypnotic to begin with, but during this time it can be downright dangerous if you don’t have good impulse control, so be mindful of the media that you allow yourself to peruse!

If you can return a purchase after Venus goes Direct on Nov 18th, with no questions asked, it’s okay – otherwise, just say “no!”

Mercury Retrograde – Dec 11 to Dec 30, 2010

Regarding shopping, the rule with Mercury Retrograde is no high-ticket items, but especially no expensive electronics! If you think you have to get the giant flat-screen TV now, you’re asking for a potential “do-over.”

During Mercury Retrograde it’s common to get the wrong item or there will be something wrong with the item. There’s enough of a frenzy in the stores during the holidays to begin with, but with Mercury Retrograde in the mix, it will up the “stress ante” dramatically!

Last minute shopping will be especially edgy this year, so do yourself a favor and get organized in advance so you can have a joyful, peaceful gift-choosing experience!

What to do

Venus and Jupiter both go direct on Thursday, Nov 18th, which may find you feeling like a racehorse in the starting gate, hot-to-trot, so watch the spending when you hit the stores (or the Internet) that weekend!

Venus is your desires and shopping, while Jupiter is “more!” This is a potentially hedonistic combo, from which you can become giddy with self-indulgence. If you are the impulsive type, please bring a chaperone along for the shopping trip to help keep you grounded while you “ho-ho-ho” your way through the stores!

You will have a little less than three weeks to get your shopping done if you want to deliver your holiday presents on time. I suggest that you do your shopping between Nov 20 and Dec 6, because by then Mercury will be slowing down and the closer you get to Mercury Retrograde, the more you’ll be swimming against the tide.

In December, holiday madness can create manic shoppers and crowded stores. With Mercury Retrograde in the mix, watch for shortages of advertised sale items and other challenges that can trigger short fuses and frustration.

Online shopping won’t be any easier with Mercury Retrograde because mistakes will be likely due to the double whammy — communication issues and technological kinks. Just imagine the post office during the Mercury Retrograde holiday season – it can easily bring out the shadow side of stressed out shoppers!

Relaxation techniques will be more valuable than ever – deep breathing, binaural beats that soothe the brain, massage, yoga, aerobic exercise, a warm bath in sea salts, positive affirmations – anything that quiets your mind, produces endorphins, releases stress or slows down your heart rate is good for you, bringing you out of your head and into your body.

If you plan your gift-giving and how to deliver them wisely (in advance), you could have the most organized, relaxed holiday shopping season ever!

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