Venus and Jupiter Direct – Nov 18, ’10

This is going to be one of the most “feel-good” weeks we’ve had in a long time so get ready to make connections, put those big dreams into action and create some magic! Doesn’t that sound enticing?!

Neptune (dreams, intuition, Spirit) and Chiron (the wounded healer) are moving forward together, allowing for the expression of your evolved, integrated energies to be offered via your service, which we so need!

Your gifts are not just for your benefit – they were given to you to be used for the greater good, so don’t withhold, don’t be shy – please share them with the world!

If you are “in process,” preparing to offer your gifts or creating new ways of offering them, then you’re been challenged to evolve your Being, beliefs and behaviors. This is high-level work!

As you offer your work to the world, there are opportunities for you not only to contribute, but to model the expansiveness of dreams come true! (Yes, yes!)

The week kicks off with the Sun in harmony with Jupiter (good fortune, beliefs) and Uranus (change, innovation), which creates extraordinary opportunities for sudden changes and manifestation! Kind of like playing Lotto… and winning!

Remember that Venus and Jupiter are STILL RETROGRADE, so get a second opinion if you’re tempted to make a big investment no matter how correct you think your judgment is!

Or better yet, wait until Friday, Nov 19th to take action. I suggest you wait so that you’ll have the proper perspective when making major decisions. And yes, then you can make the high-dollar purchases or long-term commitments!

Enjoy this expansive, idealistic energy of love and abundance. This is the place from which you can create magical outcomes and instant manifestation if your beliefs and actions are in alignment with your vision.

You WILL get what you ask for (consciously and unconsciously), so stay awake!


I am responsible for what I see.
I choose the feelings I experience.
I set the goals that I achieve.
And everything that seems to happen to me
I ask for and receive as I have asked. ~ Malikka Chopra

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