Venus in Scorpio / Mars in Libra – September 2021

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We’re between the New and Full Moon, pre-Fall Equinox and Mercury Retrograde (Sept 27). Sometimes progress is slower than we’d like, with 5 outer planets Retrograde and Neptune interfering with traction in nebulous ways. The highlight – and path of opportunity this week is on You and relationships.

We open the week with Venus in Scorpio Sept 10 – Oct 8, which brings intensity in love, with $$, values, and how you value your Self into focus. Scorpio is extreme, it’s either all or nothing. Scorpio has trust issues and won’t be played, so power dynamics are front and center during this period. Nothing can happen unless you (and those you care about) feel safe. That’s what the trust thing is all about.

This is a good time to assess the ways you use (or give away) your power to get what you want in relationships (seduction, pleasing, giving, demanding, manipulation, helplessness). Also, with Venus in Scorpio, this is an opportunity to explore your deeper motivation for how you operate in relationships, as old patterns die hard – and you can drop old dysfunctional baggage, should you be open to it and willing to do the work. 

Because Scorpio rules what’s hidden and the mysteries of life and death, this is also an opportune time for all healing – deep personal evolution work, inner exploration or a vision quest. Shamanism, soul retrieval and metaphysical healing. The Sun in Virgo supports your health and well being too, making this a helpful combination.

In relationships, Venus in Scorpio is not about romance – rather, it’s about connecting on a level so intimate, so real, that it transcends the ego and goes straight to the soul. Or it can be drawn to the taboo, finding beauty in the depths of the shadow or some forbidden pleasure. It’s not into superficial.

On Sept 14 the Sun opposes Neptune, either creating a vision that you can aspire to – or you feel disillusioned, as if someone let the air out of your balloon. It can go either way. If you go down, this too shall pass. If it doesn’t, get help, as Neptune rules depression.

Neptune rules the imagination and your Higher Self. The beautiful vision you have can become a reality, but there are no guarantees – it depends on YOU making it real. So it’s not about whether your vision is worthy, it’s about what happens after the fact, as the process unfolds. I believe if you have a vision, it IS meant for you or else it wouldn’t be in your consciousness – and you never know how long it will take for a vision to manifest, so never give up on your dream!

As always, a Neptune transit is fertile ground for creative pursuits (as the audience or artist), spiritual practices, being in nature, being in water (beach, bath, swimming), selfless service and following your intuitive guidance. Also, this is beautiful energy for having a healing, massage and any kind of care, as your resistance is lower and you are more open to receive.

Different people respond to Neptune aspects in different ways. If you have a strong Neptune (or Pisces) in your personal astrology chart, you are familiar with this vibe and know how to direct the right-brained energy in productive ways, whereas left-brained types can get knocked down, feeling blue, low-energy or lost. Thankfully, they only last for a day or two.

Later on Sept 14, Mars moves into Libra until Oct 29, and the action goes into your relationships – either creating harmony and balance or disconnects and splits. This is good time to focus on how you can maximize your relationship dynamics, especially if you do the deep work with Venus in Scorpio. 

Mars in Libra doesn’t do conflict directly – they are passive-aggressive or will triangulate by getting others on their side to agree with them and blame someone else. Blech. Do the work. Go high. If you don’t know how or don’t feel safe to have a direct conversation with a partner, find a mediator to help you sort through problems that you can’t solve between you. Don’t push down anger and sacrifice your needs for the sake of harmony in partnerships, because it doesn’t work. 

Venus and Mars will be in each others’ signs for about three weeks and they will be working together – an opportunity for learning, growth and reconciliation. Libra success is a win-win!

On Sept 16 the Sun trines Pluto, offering strength and support to accomplish a project or take an action that will have an impact in your life. If there’s a difficult task you are facing, this is a good day to tackle it. You will have the energy to see it through to completion and handle it with stamina and grace. Yes. What a lovely way to wind up the week, as we keep on keeping on…

I want to remind you that Mercury will be turning Retrograde on Sept 27, so back up your info and get your tech in order now.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo


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