Venus in Pisces, Saturn & Mercury Retro Alert – March 31, 2017

Energy is shifting and will continue to do so over the coming weeks as we review and revise old events and experiences with fresh eyes. Let me break it down for you…

Mercury is in its shadow phase, so the decisions you make now are what you’ll be reviewing and course correcting after Mercury Retrograde on April 9. This is the final week to take actions prior to the turnaround, so make decisions as well as necessary purchases now to get ready.

Mercury (mind/communication) moves from go-go Aries into practical Taurus today, focusing now on security and what is real. Mercury is slowing waaayy down to prepare for its turnaround, so information is highlighted during this time (just look at the political info being revealed, which will be ongoing). Reality check.

On Sunday, Venus retrogrades from feisty Aries back into receptive Pisces, where it is exalted in Divine Love. It’s a different feeling altogether, from personal desires to love and compassion for All That Is. Or it can be sacrificing for love; or being delusional and calling it love (be mindful!).

Venus will stay in Pisces until the end of the month – and a week from today she will connect with Chiron (the wound), creating a profound space for healing deep heart wounds that you have carried for a lifetime, with compassion and reverence for all involved.

This can also be a profound karmic ending/completion/healing; and the Pisces quality gives it a fated feeling, as if it’s being directed from beyond the 3D plane of existence. Keep your heart and mind open for this mystical experience in order to receive any messages that are there for you.

Saturn Retrograde occurs early Thurs, which points to facing the consequences of decisions we’ve made and actions we’ve taken (or haven’t taken) – as we’ll have the opportunity to course correct anything needed going forward. Mercury Retrograde is next on April 9 and Venus is already backing into her station to connect with Chiron.

Karma, karma, karma. You experience what you’ve created, for better or worse. Rather than judge anything, experience where you are, what’s working and what’s not working – and then make course corrections as you go. Nothing to fear, just information for you to work with. Time to get real.

If you are experiencing things you don’t prefer, get support in order to come back to your Self. It’s easy to get lost when you feel off-balance and out of power.

Step one is connecting to your vitality, knowing that you can handle whatever is happening – and then make sure it’s for your Highest Good and evolution.

I’m not saying that life is rosy all the time, but you don’t have to suffer endlessly when you encounter an issue, challenge or pain. Get help to come back to your Self so you can regroup, rebalance and move forward.

This is a sacred week of decisions, actions and knowing that all is well, no matter what.

Namaste, Pioneers.

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