Venus in Cancer, Sun in Gemini – May 2018

We have Uranus (change) in Taurus (security) until Nov ’18 and the the opportunity is to use this energy to make changes in your life where necessary and/or desired. However, with Uranus you never know what will happen, so don’t count on a particular outcome. There may be one that’s better for you (from a big picture perspective) than you would choose.

If you’re attached to security in a way that’s limiting and you refuse to shift, change may happen TO you. It’s really important to remember that you can grow through any change, whether it’s instigated by you or not.

Here are a few examples of Uranus transits – harmonious and hard aspects (hard aspects can evoke fear, stress or conflict but they don’t have to!).

With a harmonious Uranus transit you want to change, to do something different than you would have before. If you’ve been a rule-follower, you may suddenly break the rules and go in another direction that feels more exciting, stimulating or more “You!” You may feel wild, rebellious and/or free-spirited. It’s a creative energy.

Hard Uranus aspects usually happen to you, either via actions by others or an outside event that blindsides you. A classic Uranus transit is when you want to quit your job, but you stay (fear, $$) – and then you get fired or laid off. Uranus is doing for you what you can’t/won’t do for yourself.

Or a hard Uranus aspect can activate you to rebel in a way in which you burn bridges or make a break where there’s no going back. I think of it all as liberation, although there are graceful ways – and Uranian ways to do it. Uranus doesn’t care what other people think. It’s about being Authentic.

My way of working with Uranus is to be proactive. Make changes where you can (re: what’s not working), and get clear about what needs attention. If you’re having a Uranus transit you will know because you are in the midst of dramatic changes – either internally or externally and they are sudden and electric.

On another note, the energy will be gentler this week due to harmonious planetary alignments in water (feelings), with Venus (love, values) moving into sensitive Cancer tomorrow. This softens the vibe…

On Sunday the Sun enters curious Gemini, lifting the mood and opening doors via networking, socializing and community, allowing access to new info. It’s multi-tasking energy with lots of conversations in the mix, and it’s flexible, so there won’t be the same level of resistance to change as the Sun was in security-oriented Taurus. Be open to new info and viewpoints that can lead you to a new world.

Get out and ride a bike, do a workshop, get involved with community, learn something new. Connections expand your world; Gemini activities activate your mind and keep you engaged. Don’t be a stick in the mud doing the same old, same old. Gemini is young and fresh and new, like springtime, because at it’s best it is “beginner’s mind” – curious and open.

Enjoy the week and follow your inner guidance while deciding how to proceed in our ever-changing world. Be aware and flexible for best results. If you knew everything would work out in the end, could you relax? Don’t allow stress or fear to bring you down. That serves no one, especially not you!

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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