Venus in Aries, Full Moon in Leo – Feb 2020

We’ve got some meaningful Venus action this week to add to the Full Moon in Leo, and all in fire energy, speaking to passion, action, desires and inspiration!

Venus in tender Pisces moves into courageous Aries today, shifting the focus of love and values from romance/reverence to getting what you want, now! Aries is direct, impulsive, and will go for it! There is no drag on your movement when you DIY…

So this fuels your focus regarding what you are passionate about. This can translate as impulsive buys, style changes (think: hot!), creative pursuits, bold moves in relationships and your heart’s desires. Enjoy the bold energy!

The Full Moon in Leo is Feb 8 EST/Feb 9 PST, which sparks the special gifts of Leo – creativity, inspiration and leadership. This is a profound time for creative expression and to take center-stage in some area of your life. Are you a leader or how/where can you lead? Wherever you take center-stage (either as a professional, at home, in your community or socially) is your “Leo” space.

Be your Self and let your Light shine!

The invitation is to come out of hiding, step up and express yourself, be creative and be open to the spotlight. For the Greater Good. And this Full Moon is in harmony with Mars in Sagittarius, giving it extra vibrance and vitality, perfect for executing plans! This is pre-Mercury Retrograde (Feb 16-March 9), make-it-happen energy, time to tap into all planets in Direct motion.

Venus sits on Chiron (Wound/Wounded Healer) on Feb 10, which can bring up old heartwounds, negative beliefs about love/your lovability, or values that aren’t serving you. Self-esteem issues, creative blocks, and toxic beliefs about your Self and your beauty are all up for review and correction.

Please! You must recognize your real, unique beauty, inside and out! This healing is non-negotiable and if you don’t handle it, it will color your life decisions and you will deny yourself. You aren’t meant to live with shame or negative (judgmental) beliefs about yourself, so get support from a Venus-Chiron healer.

The higher expression of Venus conjunct Chiron is heart-healing, empathy and compassion. A broken heart can only be healed with love – and negative beliefs about yourself are calling for a shift in what you think is true. If you are a Venus-Chiron healer, your presence brings love, light and healing wherever you go. What a blessing!

On Feb 13, Venus squares the North Node of Destiny, which shows you what is inhibiting your evolution. It may be a relationship, your values, priorities, style or creative expression. If there is a problem, you probably know it. Or feel it. This is a hint about where to look – and is likely a letting go of some non-working pattern, relationship or behavior that will free you up for something new (and better)! Yes, yes, yes!

Use Venus-Chiron and Venus square the N. Node to correct any ways in which you aren’t seeing your preciousness clearly, or the ways in which you’re hiding your creativity or Authentic Self-expression. Venus is Aries is a warrior, so use the energy to take actions for your Self!

Mercury turns Retrograde on Feb 16, so you have this week to make major purchases, sign contracts, make plans and back up your data. Use the rhythm of the Universe as a calendar by which to align your life, when possible. Be sure to get my free Mercury Retrograde report so you know how to prepare – and utilize the Retrograde energy when it arrives.

Sending you love and gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo


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