Venus Direct / New Moon in Aquarius – January 2022

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We open the week with Mercury Retrograde conjunct Pluto on Jan 28. Mercury conjoined Pluto on Dec 30, so you may be dealing with an issue that began then, seeking solutions or new insights. Mercury-Pluto is CSI energy, powerful for uncovering secrets, facts or unconscious beliefs, but it is intense and can alter your reality. 

We are dealing with this on a national/global level (endless secrets and shadiness), and if this affects you personally, you may receive info that requires a major adjustment. But at least you’ll be dealing with what is REAL, which is what Pluto is seeking. Remember the line: “You can’t handle the truth!” from A Few Good Men? That is Mercury-Pluto – but don’t be afraid of the dark, because the truth will set you free…

Also on Jan 28, the Sun is sextile Chiron, which promotes healing, stepping more fully into your Light, expressing your gifts and talents – and sometimes even discovering new gifts. This supports the integration of any Mercury-Pluto revelations you are faced with and assists you in embodying your evolving identity, which is unfamiliar as you progress. Being new is – well, new! 

Don’t try to be the “old” YOU after all you’ve experienced. Allow new expressions of yourself to emerge, taking baby steps as you come out of Venus Retrograde (with Mercury soon to follow).

On Jan 29, Venus turns Direct, supporting you in fulfilling your desires and in recreating relationships in more satisfying ways going forward. Now you can implement new behaviors, structures and ways of operating that will serve you better, providing you with more of what you deserve and will allow your Self to receive. This includes $$, abundance, connections and creativity (come out of hiding!), and it’s all based on how you value your Self. What do you want? 

Venus trines Uranus as it turns Direct, inviting a fresh perspective and innovative actions regarding the Venus-ruled areas of life. Consider this a wake up call, activating inspired moves and expressing your Authentic Self in fresh, new ways. This electric energy can manifest something within you that has long been dormant, waiting for a spark to ignite it. Follow your bliss!

On Jan 30, the Sun squares Uranus, bringing unexpected change – either from within or in your space. If you want to break free, check in with yourself before making a drastic move (the 24 hour rule). If an outside event occurs, it can trigger your nervous system, so decide to be calm in advance, so you can respond consciously. If your mind is activated (worry), drop into a quiet space, remembering that All is well (even when we can’t see it) and know that you will handle whatever comes up. 

Embrace changes and know that they are openings, creating new possibilities, as Uranus breaks up stagnant energy. Practice flexibility, bend like a willow and then do the next right thing as appropriate. 

On Jan 31 @ 9:46pm PST we have a New Moon in Aquarius, which is also the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger. The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, to take actions toward anything you want to create in your life, but Mercury is still Retrograde, so make plans, but hold off on actions toward signing contracts or making a large purchases until next week, if possible. 

The New Moon in Aquarius prompts you to be progressive and visionary, to seek innovative solutions and paths forward. The Moon is emotional, but Aquarius is objective, scientific, outer space-oriented, and humanitarian – it rules the masses and The Greater Good. This is a time to create intentions for the future, once Mercury turns Direct and gets moving (after Feb 4). 

The New Moon is conjunct Saturn (traditional) and square Uranus (progressive), which feeds conflict in various areas of the cultural zeitgeist (political, health, economic). So that’s not leaving this year, as Saturn and Uranus will be hovering close enough to each other to continuously keep the dissent going, as it breaks down old structures (the end goal). Uranus has people crying about their freedom being impeded, while Saturn follows the rules. 

On the New Moon in Aquarius, consider where you need to shift in order to be more Authentic. What needs changing? Whatever you need to feel more whole, allow this independent, spontaneous energy to support you and give you that extra push to make a move into the unknown. Or investigate new technology that will expand your horizons and give you greater access to the ever-expanding digital world. 

Always trust your intuition to be your guide, especially during uncertain times with conflicting messages and uncertain truths. Mercury turns Direct late on Feb 3, but won’t begin moving for a few days after that, so use this week to realign, stretch, ponder, set intentions and prepare to launch next week. That will be the real New Year 2022!

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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