Venus Cazimi / Saturn Direct / Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – October 2022

Oct 22 – The weekend opens with Venus Cazimi, as Venus is in the heart of the Sun (at the same degree) in Libra – sign of love, relationships, beauty, peace, harmony, and creativity. This Venus Star Point is part of a larger pattern and a significant day of grace and elevated awakening, if you choose to focus on creating relationship dynamics you desire, giving and receiving, beautifying your world and honoring your aesthetics.

Awareness of dysfunctional patterns can motivate you to design your life in more satisfying ways, with new choices and boundaries that are more honoring, joyful and nurturing for you. See the world through the lens of love, beauty, peace and harmony wherever possible to raise your vibration and offer the same to the collective.

Also on Oct 22, Mercury trines Saturn, supporting practical thinking, communication, contracts, planning, and organization, as your focus is clear and strong. With Mercury now out of its Retrograde shadow, new info may be available that empowers you to bring ideas into form, and you can be strategic when making decisions or planning for the future.

Saturn Stations Direct on Oct 22 and only moves to the next degree in mid-Nov. It is slow. But, where you have been stuck or stalled, things should start to progress – and it continues to square Uranus, so the conflicts continue. From here, Saturn travels through the rest of Aquarius into Pisces in March 2023, a major shift in consciousness for the world – and we will be ready! 

Oct 23 – Venus enters Scorpio bringing up passion, hidden desires, obsessions, intense attachments and cultural taboos. The Sun in Scorpio follows, delving into worlds of what’s hidden, seeking truth, purification, connection beyond the veils and transformation. We go into the deep to experience it all, in order to transcend that which is outdated or non-working, emerging in a space of renewal. 

Oct 25 – Solar Eclipse @ 2º Scorpio at 3:49am PDT. The Solar Eclipse conjoins Venus and is a profound new beginning, indicating something about how you value your Self, your values, love, relationships or $$ – and it’s connected to the South Node, so old karmic patterns are ripe for reveals and release. Don’t cling to anything that has outlived its usefulness or that ends; don’t resist “what is,” as there is a bigger picture that you can’t see yet. 

Remember that Eclipses can create shockwaves and the unexpected, so don’t try to control what happens – if you have a major experience, know that something is being shifted for your benefit and try to relax into it. During an Eclipse, it’s best not to judge anything as good or bad – rather, wait and see what happens after the dust settles. Be extra gentle with yourself and keep your plans spacious, if possible.

Oct 26 – Mercury trines Mars, and with Mars is about to turn Retrograde on Oct 30, the planet of info and communication is linking with the planet of action to align what it can via writing, creating, programming, or having conversations to help facilitate movement. 

Oct 27 – Mercury squares Pluto, and now Mercury is digging deep, probing for answers to hidden info, CSI detective work or seeking a healing breakthrough. 

Trust in the cycles of life, knowing that the Universe is conspiring for your Highest Good, whatever that means for you. The Mars-Neptune confusion still lingers and we are in a kind of suspended animation.

Find a way to get comfortable in the discomfort of not knowing exactly what’s happening. Do your spiritual practice to go within and connect with All That Is or something higher than the 3D world. Set your intention from that place and take good care of yourself, while radiating love to all those you come in contact with. If you do this, it will change the world.

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” ~ Deepak Chopra 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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