Valentine Solar Eclipse in Aquarius – Feb 2018

We continue in this liminal space between Eclipses, where you may not be quite sure what’s happening, either daily or in the big picture. After all, Eclipses are wild cards that activate unpredictable events, so tuning into your Higher Self for alignment and guidance on a daily basis is the best path for Self-care, while taking any necessary practical actions. Stay tuned to where you’re being led and focus on what you want to create.

Venus (love, relationships, $$, values) moves from independent Aquarius into ultra-sensitive Pisces from Feb 10-March 6. Venus is exalted in Pisces, with higher expressions being compassion, empathy, dreams, imagination, and connecting with All That Is.

Going within or being in nature facilitates this profound experiential energy, as well as spiritual practices and creative expression. Don’t push. Flow with the energy of Divine Love.

Lower expressions of Venus in Pisces are suffering or sacrificing for love (in unhealthy ways), idealizing love (fantasyland), falling for potential, and disillusionment, disappointment or unrequited love. These call for a reality check with a trusted advisor to get a second opinion. It’s painful if you find yourself in this space, but your healing is a path to empowerment.

Jupiter squares the Sun on Saturday, giving you the confidence to expand beyond your usual boundaries, which can either propel you forward or send you overboard. Once again, your intuition is your GPS to discern a healthy stretch vs. being overly optimistic.

With Venus in Pisces and Jupiter squaring the Sun, that’s a lot of idealistic, can-do energy. Use it to stretch, but be prudent. This energy can open possibilities, so use it to vision your future and channel dreams and bright ideas that come through you. Enjoy the expansion, rising beyond the objections of the mind, and the feel of unlimited possibilities.

On Sunday, the Moon is conjunct serious Saturn, bringing you back down to earth, pushing you to be practical. What actions can you take to make your visions real? This is a good day to get organized, make a plan or do something to be productive rather than be at the effect of heavy energy that can bring you down emotionally. Work it deliberately, rather than be worked BY it.

Monday brings a Sun-Uranus combo that can spark your wild side, make you feel frisky or want something radically different! Independence, space and/or freedom is the call. Express your Self in your own unique way, but be sure to think New. Same old, same old won’t satisfy this desire. And enjoy, as this is the declaration and energy you bring into Valentine’s Day!

From V Day we follow the Sun-Uranus combo into the Solar Eclipse at 27º Aquarius. Mercury is in Aquarius too, with brilliant, innovative ideas and a mind of it’s own. This major New Beginning invites you to follow your genius and higher impulses to create, share, speak, connect, write. Where are you being led? Dare to take a risk and follow the inner breadcrumbs.

Mars (action) is squaring Neptune (dreams) on the Eclipse, which just tells you to follow your intuition and flow around any obstacles that appear. Hold your intention in consciousness and take actions gently. No confrontations or pushing, rather, Wu Wei (law of least effort).

It’s good to feel like the Creator of your life direction, but remember that Eclipses have a life of their own, and you may get something unexpected and beyond your control. That’s not necessarily a negative, you just have to be flexible, adaptable, open to messages from the Universe and as non-reactive as possible, knowing that more will be revealed.

Stay present, stay positive and contribute however you can. There’s a purpose for your presence and I’m grateful that you’re here.

Happy Valentine’s Day Solar Eclipse! Here’s to New Beginnings!

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…



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