Uranus Stations Direct – January 2024

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Transformational Pluto entered Aquarius on Jan 20 and we shifted from Pluto in Capricorn into futuristic Aquarius, ruled by Uranus. The Full Moon in Leo on Jan 25 invited creative expressions of your Authentic Self (opposed by Pluto and squared by Jupiter), potentially activating displays of Higher Truth and breakthroughs – or exposing shadowy displays of drama, to be witnessed and integrated.

Jan 27 – Uranus Direct. The Great Awakener Stations Direct after five months of being Retrograde, but Uranus has been at 19º Taurus since mid-Dec ’23 and will be there until mid-March ’24, barely moving. If this connects with a planet or point in your chart, an aspect of you or your life is changing in a radical way. Whoever or whatever you were before is now becoming something entirely different and you can kiss that old identity goodbye! 

The power of Uranus is multi-faceted: the revolutionary change it brings, which is for your highest good – breaking you out of old, stuck patterns, behaviors, routines, lifestyles, jobs and blind spots. Anything can shift in a heartbeat if it has outlived its usefulness in your life, but Uranus never takes anything that you need for your soul’s journey. 

Uranus is making harmonious aspects this week which is a blessing, but when you experience sudden change, self-care is the antidote to help you ground, rather than becoming a human reactor. The magic of Uranus creates rapid change; it carries you from one space to the next, without effort or planning. It just happens. It’s being in the Now.  

Uranus also represents your genius, brilliance and Higher Mind – innovative ideas that you don’t know are there, but can be accessible when you brainstorm or focus and allow yourself to open to unconventional or radical solutions. You may think you don’t have this. Not you. But what if you are more clever than you realize, but you’ve been asleep? Someday, you may discover your Inner Genius that will change your whole idea of your Self! 

Jan 27 – Mercury conjunct Mars in Capricorn wants to accomplish something, make prudent decisions, clear communications, plans, is assertive and will release anything no longer needed or helpful. Conversations are direct, boundaries are clear, everything has been thought through with the long term in mind. Very productive and grounded. 

The Mercury-Mars conjunction is squaring the Nodes of Fate (Aries and Libra), you can feel what you’re still attached to from the past (that you need to release) – and what you need to go toward to move into the future (ready or not). This feels informational, so you don’t play games with yourself and pretend that you aren’t aware. 

The South Node (Libra) is what you’re meant to let go of – people pleasing, codependency, 

looking good even if you’re miserable, sacrificing your Self to keep the peace. The North Node is what you’re going toward – putting your Self first, speaking your mind, setting boundaries, deciding what you want and doing it, not seeking approval, permission or agreement. 

Jan 28 – There are multiple aspects today that are all beneficial and about connecting. 

Venus sextile Saturn – is a stable connection in relationships, for commitments, agreements and it is about what you love. It is not flashy, it is devoted and it illustrates a priority for you. 

Mercury trine Uranus – can be bright ideas, lively conversations, stretching your mind, new technology, brainstorming, mental stimulation, new social circles, psychic friends network, channeling your genius. Make the most of this!

Venus trine Jupiter – is a love aspect, pleasure, opportunities, harmony, available resources, abundance. This aspect, along with the two before it (Venus-Saturn and Mercury-Uranus) indicate a great time for making connections, activating plans, socializing, dating, going beyond your familiar routine and doing something special that speaks to awakening a dormant aspect of you. 

Jan 29 – Mars trine Uranus – is all fired up and ready for action in some experimental way because Uranus is in the mix. Uranus doesn’t follow rules and will make it up on the fly – and it will work! It’s the innovative, intuitive “knowing,” along with the Mars in Capricorn focused energy that’s a winner of a combo. Uranus is wild and Mars in Cap is measured – and in harmony, they work, so if you want to make something happen, this is your day. 

When Uranus Stations Direct on Jan 27, ALL planets are Direct until Mercury turns Retrograde on April 1. This allows for forward motion with an unobstructed flow for processes and the action in general. Focus on where you’re meant to be going next. And if you don’t know – dream, brainstorm, play, and see what comes up when you give yourself space rather than pressuring yourself to generate.

The last three days of January are going to be very fertile and you can be highly productive on a variety of levels, in whatever area of your life you want to focus on. The choice is yours – and you should know what is calling for attention. The rest of the week is quiet. Allow yourself to adapt to the changes that are occurring within and around you for the most seamless way of being in flow. 

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” ~ Socrates

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.” ~ John Sculley

“If you believe in yourself enough and know what you want, you’re gonna make it happen, make it happen.” ~David Bryon Cole / Mariah Carey / Robert Manuel Clivilles

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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