Uranus-Saturn Square / Jupiter in Pisces – December 2021

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It’s Christmas Eve, when the traditional wish is for peace on earth, good will toward men (and women). But this year we’re in the next round of intense energies that have been ongoing and aren’t complete just yet, so embody your compassionate nature to stay high.

Dec 24 – the third Saturn-Uranus square perfects today, the next round of old life vs. new life and you becoming more authentic in expressing your evolving Self. Even if you thought you were living from your truth already, as life continues to shift, you are being pushed out of your familiar operating system on some level. Can you relate? You may be asked to detach from an old identity or construct and move into a new expression of your Self. 

Whether you were forced to rearrange your life or you made a conscious choice to liberate yourself from an unsatisfying condition, the movement activated by Uranus has landed you in circumstances that are either exciting – or destabilizing, and now you are seeking support and stability (Saturn). 

Or perhaps you feel stuck (Saturn) and are praying for a catalyst (Uranus) to spring you from your current setup. If you find yourself in this position, take baby steps to make changes, one day at a time. We all have to live this way now, as we really don’t know where life is going.

Saturn rules timing – and it regulates Diving Timing. Even when you think you are behind or lost, you are in a process of development that has a particular order, some of which is unknown to you (think roots growing underground). Be patient and follow the rhythm of your Inner Guidance while you take care of business. On the other hand, with Uranus, anything can happen if it connects to your planets and it’s your time for change, so prepare to be flexible and surf the waves, trusting your Self to handle whatever may come. You are stronger and greater than you realize. (P.S. This is when an astrology reading is helpful!)

On Dec 25, Christmas Day, Retrograde Venus conjoins Pluto for the second time this month, bringing intensity to relationships, $$ matters, and issues around values and how you value your Self. On this holiday, was $$ an issue – did you overspend or was there a lack of funds? Pay attention to your money situation and take care of yourself if needed (an act of Self-love :)). 

Issues around betrayal, trust or power struggles can arise with Venus-Pluto, as well as passionate, magnetic connections, for better or worse (soulmate or narcissist) and you can reassess your values consciously, rather than just going through the usual rituals of holidays past on autopilot. Claiming what is true for You is the ultimate in empowerment!

Venus-Pluto can transform any area of life that you are willing to look at with honest vulnerability, so think of the possibilities around relationships, $$, your value and values. Because Venus is Retrograde, these quality of life, matters of the heart areas are ripe for review, so let this Christmas be about honoring your heart and all that you hold dear. After survival, it’s who and what you love and who loves you that really matters. When in doubt, let love be your guide and watch your life transform!

On Dec 26, Mercury sextile Neptune, making for a soft, dreamy relaxing day, perfect for leisure and continuing connections with friends and loved ones as Kwanzaa begins. This is also stellar energy for spiritual practices and creative pursuits, movies, stories and nonlinear communications (intuitive, meditative, poetry). You may have some beautiful ideas that you want to share with others, so write them down for future development!

On Dec 28 Jupiter enters Pisces! Hallelujah! Remember mid-May through July 2020, when life opened up and things got lighter? That was the first taste of Jupiter in Pisces, before it went back into Aquarius – and now it will come into Pisces until May 10, 2022. Jupiter and Neptune will be co-present in Pisces, a sign they both rule, for the first time in our lifetime, bringing an energy of compassion, Oneness, hope and selfless service to the forefront. 

Jupiter expands what it touches and Pisces is Divine Love – feelings, intuition, and connection to All That Is. Jupiter will magnify the energy of mystical Pisces, that which is unseen and especially receptive. All that Pisces is, Jupiter will make it even more! More compassionate, more magical, more empathetic, so take good care of yourself, as you can easily be drained by those who want access to your caring energy if this is you. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, share your generosity and lend a helping hand to those who have less power or fortune when you feel so moved. This will uplift our world. It will certainly uplift You! 

Mercury conjoins Pluto on Dec 30 and once again deep truths are revealed, a breakthrough may come via personal exploration or an intense conversation that involves getting real. This is CSI energy for problem-solving, research or investigation. Pluto rules what is hidden and with Mercury holding data and curiosity, this duo won’t stop until it gets the answers it seeks, especially in Capricorn, sign of hard work and success. Very methodical and serious.

Which takes us to New Year’s Eve. What a year! After the holiday weekend I urge you to think about your intentions for the coming year and where you are, especially via the Saturn-Uranus paradigm – i.e., your old life vs. your new life, should that feel appropriate. On some level, this applies to all of us. See if you can tap into what that means for you and how you can engage with it to make it meaningful.

Where do you want to go and who do you want to become in 2022? That is the exploration…
Wishing you a warm and happy holiday filled with love and care.
As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo
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