Uranus Retrograde / New Moon in Leo – Aug 2020

We are currently feeling the pull of Uranus, mythological god of the sky, which turns Retrograde on Aug 15 through mid-Jan 2021. Uranus has been sitting at 10º Taurus since early July and won’t move from that degree until early Sept, so if you have planets in it’s path, you are feeling it! How do you know? 

Uranus instigates sudden changes, ultimately for the better, but not always easy – and it can take what you won’t let go of. That’s why it’s also known for liberation – the freedom you experience after you shift out of an old pattern, a dead-end relationship or job, or anything you’ve been clinging to that doesn’t support your evolution or Authentic Self.

Particularly during this time of covid shutdown when we’re all experiencing unpredictable changes, it’s actually a good time to release what feels redundant or complete. When Uranus is in a harmonious aspect with a natal point or planet, you will become interested in or open to something entirely new for you. It’s highly creative, stimulating and uplifting. How fabulous is that?! My guidance: follow your impulses (aligned with your Higher Self) and see where your “Inner Free Spirit” takes you! 

We may see a major event in the world – whether a physical event or human drama, which we’re used to by now. With Uranus, expect the unexpected, but fear is optional! If you believe that the universe is operating for your Highest Good, change is not synonymous with negativity, rather, it’s leading to growth, rebirth and something better. Be open, be flexible and shift as needed – and stay high. If you need help to do that, get it (it’s your job!).

The Sun trines Mars on Aug 16, giving you extra mojo to do something physical, tackle a project or focus your energy in some productive way for you. This is not just a sitting around day – it’s a make use of your enthusiasm time to make something happen. And later in the day Mercury trines Mars, impelling you to write, think or speak your mind – or to solve problems via creative new ideas. Fertile ground for moving forward or discovering fresh perspectives – energizing and expansive. Wow! 

Usually, the New Moon in Leo (Aug 18 @ 7:42pm PDT) is a creative, playful time for Self-expression – as you plant seeds for anything that you want to grow in the coming month – and no sign likes to have fun more fun than sunny Leo! So yes, do your thing and enjoy, but know that there are other aspects that color this New Moon and bring in elements that you can’t avoid.

Saturn is inconjunct the Sun/Moon in Leo, calling for an adjustment – something that requires attention and action, probably relating to responsibility, obligations, commitment or methodical actions that are required in order to facilitate your dream/desires. Perhaps you have a creative vision, but this is asking for structure, details, something solid to make it real. Or maybe you have to complete a job/task before you’re available to pursue the new path. 

Anything that seems like an obstacle, is a problem waiting to be solved, so don’t be discouraged – be proactive! Leo is the CEO sign – and the highest expression of leadership is responsibility, rather than “adore me, look at me” ego. The Saturn-New Moon in Leo invites practical solutions to challenges that arise, knowing that a good leader will find a way to handle it (and your leader is You!). 

Use the Mars energy on Aug 16 to brainstorm and take action towards what you’ll need in order to activate your New Moon in Leo Intentions on Aug 18. Perfect timing! If you’re caught off-guard by something you weren’t aware of, keep going, find your inspiration – and a workaround. CEO Leo doesn’t give up!

Mars (warrior) is moving into a square with Saturn, which we’ll be dealing with until 2021. Yes, you heard me – Mars will Retrograde in Sept and go back and forth in and out of this square. This means  we will encounter seeming obstacles, calling for new solutions, repeatedly. That’s okay, you will use this energy to get super clear about plans and actions, regrouping and reassessing as necessary. That’s it. We’re all in this together and we will get through it. Make it useful for you!

We are all amazing spiritual warriors, living through a wild time of undoing, challenge and chaos – and we’re doing it with grace. Take good care of yourself, each other and your loved ones.

As always, I’m so grateful for your presence on our path together. xo 


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