Uranus Retrograde – July 5, ’10

Hello fellow pioneers (and yes, I say that as a reminder!). Here’s the lowdown – we are currently moving through a wormhole, going from one reality into another – and the new reality has not yet fully manifested as we are still “in process.”

Between the Lunar & Solar eclipses, Uranus stands still on July 5th to turn retrograde until Dec ’10. The planet of radical change and part of the Grand Cross monster energy will be dominant, so stay tuned for something unexpected and see what happens in your world.

As if you need more action in this already overly active time, whether uptempo or slow-motion, change is in the air! Uranus stations at 0 Aries and stays there until mid-August. This retrograde offers you the opportunity to integrate and acclimate to energies that have arrived in your life since late May ’10.

Uranus in Aries asks that you be courageous in stepping into your new reality, whatever that means for you. Rehearsal is over and there’s no going back to the way it was, whatever “it” is for you!

I urge you to stay open and not judge events/information as “good” or “bad” during this time. If you stay conscious and heart-centered during times of uncertainty you can create space for grace, which is a higher expression of Uranus – an unexpected gift!

Staying heart-centered will keep you in a high vibration (the “high road”) which brings more love and beauty into your life and the world.

A week after Uranus turns retrograde we have the Solar Eclipse on Sunday, June 11th in Cancer. Issues of home,  family, security, emotional needs and care will be front and center, so pay attention and take good care of yourself.

The world is your mirror and whatever you are creating is a reflection of some part of you – consciously or unconsciously.

Here is my guidance for the coming days:

1. Connect with your Higher Self  and feel into energies that come your way before you reject something new or unexpected.

2. Don’t try to figure things out in your head – allow your heart to be your filter and know that you have the power to decide what feels in alignment with your Authentic Self.

3. Give yourself the space to allow this process to unfold in its own time without making hasty decisions to quell anxiety.

4. Be with what’s happening – witness the shifts and don’t try to direct the flow of events based on your old thinking.

“In order to make a quantum leap you must be willing to tolerate ambiguity, confusion, possibly even chaos for a while, shaping your game plan as you go. Allow some disorder in your life.” ~ Price Pritchett

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