Uranus Retrograde, July 13th ~ Mercury Retrograde, July 14th

We are in the midst of energies that are so unfamiliar, you may feel like you’re in a foreign country without a map this week!

Be willing to let go of what’s not working. Get the message. Get out of your head and drop into feel in order to align with your Higher Self.

Rather than succumb to stress or negativity, play with the idea of trying things with intention but without attachment to a specific outcome. Have a vison, offer your best, and allow for goodness.

Expect wonderful blessings in your life, don’t go into reaction around the unexpected, and resist judging what happens as good or bad. Remember, the story isn’t over yet and more will be revealed…

Mercury is slowing down, preparing to go Retrograde through the first week of August, so be sure to back up your data and take action toward any new business you have to do NOW.

Also, Mars (action, will) is making a harmonious aspect to happy, lucky, abundant Jupiter all month so take actions, knowing that there is planetary support for creating and manifesting as long as you are flexible and in flow.

Nothing is certain right now, so for more serenity, view your life as a grand adventure!



*Uranus turns Retrograde on Friday, July 13th for 5 months, one day before Mercury follows by going Retrograde.*

Uranus represents your Authentic Self and liberation, so wherever you feel restricted, you are ripe for release!

Get ready to break out of old, stale routines and the best case scenario is having the courage to step out of the box, embrace a new perspective regarding yourself and your life, and do something different!

I lovingly call this a “hostage release.” Courage is required and will serve you well. You will never become who you’re meant to be by staying safe!


*Mercury will turn Retrograde on Sat, July 14th until Wed, Aug 8th so you have plenty of time to get yourself ready.*

Make any large purchases, launch or begin any new projects now before the energy slows down.

Get your free Mercury Retrograde report for a refresher with guidance to prepare!

Wishing you blessings and love always.

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