Uranus Retrograde – July 13, ’12

The coming week, leading up to the New Moon on the 19th, is action-packed and may challenge your faith and ability to stay centered. This is “expect the unexpected” squared!

Uranus goes Retrograde today until Dec 13th – so get ready for something to come or go in your life!

Uranus rules change, rebellion, breakthroughs, liberation and the need for space. If you are in a rut, you will have an overwhelming need to break free from any perceived oppression in your life, or it may break free from you!

Oh, and here’s the surprise piece – if you feel oppressed, YOU are the oppressor, so decide to allow for a hostage release :)

With Uranus you never know when something unexpected will show up (or leave), but whatever happens, know that it only takes what is blocking you from your highest good.

For comfort, rest in the warmth and connection of the Cancer energy, by appreciating your family (of origin or family of choice).

This will help you to burn through any blocks and issues that are holding you back, and then this can be an exhilarating time of personal transformation.

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