Uranus Retrograde into Final Solar Eclipse – Aug 3, 2018

Guidance for the week: easy does it, as we have another planet turning Retrograde to join the six-pack of bodies in backward motion, like a subtle undertow. Slow down and go within to get your bearings. Check to see where you are and how you feel. Are things working? If not, what needs to change?

More shakeups are on the way as electric Uranus, planet of revolution and sudden change, Stations Retrograde on Aug 7. And Uranus in Taurus highlights security, $$, real estate and the material world. Unexpected changes can destabilize you, so decide in advance to be flexible and spacious.

Remember, you can choose not to react to everything you see and hear, which comes at a rapid pace these days. Uranus amplified can make you touchy and reactive, so widen back to get the big picture. The more objective you are, the better.

The purpose of Uranus is to help you align with your Authentic Self and break up stale structures. It supports liberation from patterns/restrictions that don’t resonate with the truth of who you are. This can manifest personally by you suddenly leaving a job, a relationship, moving or doing something radically different than usual. Often the effects are shocking to others (and maybe to you!), but there is some part of you crying out for freedom.

When Uranus turns Retrograde it’s reviewing the territory you forged when it was Direct (since Jan 2, ’18). It’s time to integrate the changes you have made and realign with who you are becoming in the process. Think back to the beginning of the year, where you are now, and how far you’ve come.

On Mon eve, Venus leaves humble Virgo to enter home sign of harmonious Libra, where she can express herself happily in relationships and indulge in beauty. Enjoy the shift, that although more subtle than the Uranus transit, is still there. Choose beauty, peace, balance and harmony to soothe your nervous system and appreciate your significant others, whether romantic or otherwise. The energy of collaboration calls in others who may act as catalysts and open new doors for you!

Wed is a perfect day for positive connections and a feeling of well being, with a Grand Water Trine between optimistic Jupiter in Scorpio, the Moon in sensitive Cancer and Neptune in dreamy Pisces. This is beautiful energy for love, romance, creativity or spiritual pursuits. Let your feelings flow!

We have an abundance of Retrograde planets, with Mercury Retrograde, to support reorganizing and or redoing.

We have another Solar Eclipse approaching on Aug 11, that will activate another New Beginning.

Anything that’s for your Highest Good will remain intact. If it’s not working or falls apart, you’re being led somewhere new. Your job is to focus on what is true for you, find your balance and align with your flow…

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…


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