Uranus Retrograde – August 2021

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This is a good week to organize an area of your life as you integrate the various changes that you’ve made intentionally, or have been faced with this year. There is an abundance of planetary support, with the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Venus (soon), are all in their own signs for best expression and access, as we continue to live in a world of upheaval and shakeups.

Mercury in Virgo invites you to handle details that will help to create order, align systems and elevate your health and well being. It offers mental focus that facilitates discernment and analytical awareness. Take advantage of this persistent organizational superpower thru Aug 30. Get to work on whatever requires your attention and make any needed decisions – you will be the winner for your efforts!

Venus enters Libra from Aug 16-Sept 10, ruling beauty, peace, harmony and relationships, so these areas are highlighted now. This is the perfect time for style upgrades (physical, wardrobe, hair), decorating your home, personal connections and harmonious interactions. If your relationships need a little TLC or extra care (you or the other), focus on that by practicing giving AND receiving. Show your love, love, love and soothe any rough patches with attention and kindness.

On Aug 18 Mercury conjoins Mars, which activates a forceful broadcast or opinion. Mercury is your thoughts and Mars is the driver – either a communication or a task that you’re focused on. This aspect is good for persuasion or arguing a case, point by point. It can also feel pushy and attract conflict, so watch your tone if you’re trying to convince others of your point of view. This is great for detailed work, though… 

Uranus (The Great Awakener) is at 14º Taurus since early July until early Oct ’21. It is the energy of the unexpected, revolution, progress, innovation, technology and authenticity. It changes direction twice a year, when its energy is amplified – and on Aug 19, it turns Retrograde until Jan ’22, so all week we have heightened electric energy which can create tech issues and frayed nerves, so easy does it. 

The power of Uranus is two-fold: the revolutionary change it brings – and the destabilizing shock of the unexpected. When the playing field is shifted without warning, it’s easy to go into reaction, especially if your well being feels threatened. 

We are so used to sudden changes and blindsides that it has become the new normal. Plus, Uranus has been squaring rigid Saturn all year, creating a collective tension that is also built into our daily life. This underlying vibration is unraveling the energetic structure and fabric of humanity – and it is ongoing, pervasive and insidious. However, this is actually required in order to break down old structures so they can be upgraded, reimagined and rebuilt for the future. 

I remember learning in 8th grade social studies: people resist change. It was theory that we discussed. Can you fully appreciate that we are LIVING it?! Not subtle changes that we agree on as a collective – rather, profound changes that are forced upon us by nature (weather events), technology, the 1% accumulating mega-power and other experiences that we never dreamed possible until they were here or on the horizon. 

That’s why it’s important to step back, be aware of what’s happening (at a macro level), take great care of yourself, make changes to support you and your loved ones, help your community when and where you can and stay hopeful. 

Also, tune in to your Authentic Self and see what you can change to nurture and support yourself. Your well being matters and when you create changes consciously, it empowers you and builds inner confidence. If you’re not sure, set your intention to shift and evolve and I believe the genius of Uranus will come through you with direction!

We are in the midst of the storm – and bless us all for volunteering to be part of this dramatic and unpredictable Sacred Turning Point here on planet earth. Self-care is primary now, all the time. 

Find ways to integrate what’s happened for you, so you can empower your consciousness to shapeshift and evolve your Being. This means spiritual practices that ground and calm you, so your container is able to hold all that’s stirred up within you. Whether it’s meditation or nature, use what works for you.

When you find inner peace, your mind can rest and your consciousness can settle like a snow globe after it’s shaken up. 

Do you ever stop to think about what we’re living through? It’s monumental. Thank you so much for partnering on this journey of awakening and courage.

As always, I am grateful for your presence. xo

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