Uranus-Pluto Square Alert – Dec 12, ’14

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The big deal this week is the Uranus-Pluto square that becomes exact on Monday, Dec 15th. The planets have been slowly moving into place and behind all the lively activity we’ve experienced lately, lurks an emerging energy of powerful change and rearranging.

Pluto is power, upheaval, what’s hidden and transformation (death of the old, birth of the new) – and Uranus is sudden change, revolution, innovation and what is authentic. 

In a square (tension, conflict) the energies collide to bring up anything that’s out of alignment with your Higher Self on a personal level – and whatever needs to be brought to light for the collective on a a global level.

This Pluto-Uranus square series began in June 2012 and the finale of this go-round will occur in mid-March ’15. Think of how you and your life has changed in the last 2½ years. Amazing, huh…?!

Because much change has already occurred for each of us, this part of the process may be about fine tuning or letting go of some final remnants of an old lifestyle or expression of Self.

We are preparing for the new – new ways of operating and expressing who you are in the world. This is truly the time to examine what’s working and what’s complete or non-working. Being proactive is the best antidote to facing a challenging energy. As another astrologer says, “You can either be the lightning or be hit by lightning.” I like that…

Granted, sometimes you experience a loss, an ending or an outside event that affects your life and catches you by surprise. But so often, if you’re willing to really examine your thoughts and actions, there might have been a clue that something was off – or that something was coming.

Rather than feel victimized or defeated, always look for what you can do to make any proactive change that needs facing. Avoidance/resistance are the major causes of difficulty in creating a peaceful, purposeful, happy life. 

When you are willing to look at what’s happening (or not happening) and take some action to make a correction, you will experience the benefits. Even if the action is asking for help – don’t just sit there when there’s an issue present that’s affecting your well being!

At the same time, when you are In The Hallway, you’re in a major process that requires more than just taking an action. You are unwinding some old part of your Self/your life and discovering a new world within that will emerge in the form of a rebirth.

If you’re In The Hallway, click on this link and listen to the free preview call for more information. It may be helpful for you.

If you feel clear about where you’re going now and who you’re being on your path, use this time to hold your vision of what you want to create while cleaning up loose ends that need attention in your life. 

As the darkness intensifies in the world, the Light expands even more as we embody greater love, empowerment, seeking a brighter future and having compassion for all those who are stuck in pain, lack, and most of all, the feeling of separation.

We need more love and care now than ever. Start with yourself and then spread the love around! And this week, easy does it…

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