Uranus Full Moon in Taurus – October 2018

We’re in the final days of Libra until the Sun enters Scorpio on Tues, Oct 23. Mars (warrior) squares Mercury (communication) today, creating an edgy energy that can activate arguments, attacks or pushy agendas. Your reality vs. someone else’s reality. A clash. Polarity.

If you have something to say, connect first – and stick to the facts, so you don’t bait the other. The real decision is either to stay high (integrity) or go low (ego or “winning”). If you act sarcastic/superior, the dopamine hit you get in the moment will come back to bite you, so take the high road. Be proud of who you are.

Our moral fiber is deteriorating so now it’s common to see fights in public. You have to decide who you want to be. And then be it. Don’t be reactive, which pulls you down.

We’re in for a bumpy few days next week, so you want to be centered for what shows up. Maybe you’ll channel the electric energy and have a breakthrough! Your intention is powerful, so be proactive and focus on the part of your life that is needing a change.

The weekend is relatively smooth and Mon, Oct 22 is ripe for insights or deep truths to be revealed, with Mercury sextile Pluto. Pluto rules what’s hidden and Mercury brings info to light, or words are spoken (or tweeted) that illuminate something meaningful, for better or worse.

Choose your words carefully, realizing that they have great power to impact your relationships, attitude and what you call in. Be deliberate and say what you mean if that feels right. Or if it feels like a bad time to speak up, stay quiet.

The Sun moves from harmonious Libra into intense Scorpio on Tues, Oct 23 joining Venus Retrograde, Mercury and Jupiter who are already there. The Sun opposes Uranus (change) and the action begins right away.

Expect the unexpected, which can be in your favor (breakthrough) or can challenge you. How you internalize anything determines what it means for you. Create space to center yourself and get clear. Be a witness. Fear weakens you – and going into reaction throws you off-balance, so be in the witness space.

On Wed, Oct 23 @ 12:45pm ET we have a Full Moon in Taurus and this year Uranus is on the Moon (emotions), opposing the Sun/Venus combo. This activates sudden, chaotic energy and further charges the emotional Full Moon energy.

Plus, Uranus/Moon opposing Sun/Venus all square the Nodes of Fate. This can bring up events that affect the collective – or you may have another chance to move forward where you couldn’t before. Keep your eyes open.

The North Node in Leo is your future (you in your Big Light) and the South Node is the past (been there, done that), which is redundant for you, whatever it is. Maybe this Full Moon squaring the Nodes energy will give you the push you need to make a move. Stay tuned…

Venus connects with Saturn, which helps to stabilize relationships that are challenged by these oppositions and sudden game-changers, plus the Moon is in harmony with Saturn too, so there IS support throughout the chaos, unexpected or electric energy.

Even if positive things happen, the action may come in so fast and furious that it fries your nervous system, so impeccable Self-care is a must this week! You need to be in balance as much as possible, so slow it down…

We don’t know what will be shaken up this week, so I suggest you focus on how you can use the energy for your benefit. Think about the changes that will serve you and your future. Meditation, connecting with nature and space for reflection will help you be present and less reactive so you can make good decisions.

Monitor your information intake – and put limits on what, how and when it comes to you and who you listen to. Choose wisely. This is your life and your well being adds to the collective consciousness.

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