Uranus arrives as Mercury goes Direct – Feb 2015

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As we count down the last six days of its Retrograde, Mercury slows to turn around. But the exciting news is that on Monday, Mercury is entering into an aspect with the planet Uranus (sudden change, innovation) that will be ongoing for the next ten days.

You may channel brilliance in ways you’ve never experienced before, which can lead to new discoveries and creations that surprise you or it may direct your attention to a whole new area of interest/learning – also surprising!

Let this energy inspire innovative thinking and allow your “Inner Free Spirit” to speak up, try new things and break the rules! Be willing to express yourself if you’ve been holding back in order to fit in or be acceptable to others.

Allow your wild, ingenious mind open to progressive ideas, knowing that your  thoughts and opinions may be different from what others say, think or expect from you. 

You may feel a little ADD with so many thoughts running through your mind, but you will be highly inventive, which is fertile ground for writing, speaking and all communications. When you dare to express your original ideas, you will attract like-minded people who will gravitate to you.

What a fun way to wind up the Retrograde and to launch into a new landscape as Mercury turns Direct on Wed, Feb 11th. Because this Uranian energy will be in the mix for days after the turnaround, you will likely have some bright ideas you want to initiate, so do some brainstorming and planning now. 

We will finish up Mercury Retrograde technically on Wed, Feb 11th but it won’t get moving immediately, so take your time if you’re going to make any big moves and wait until the week of the 16th to take actions for alignment with the energy. There are more good things to come…!

This is 2015 – time to play full out and express yourself without reservation. Don’t be limited by worrying about others’ opinions and approval. Remember, this is YOUR life and you are here to share your gifts, so come out of hiding and be willing to show up!

Have a fabulous week, my friends. The best is yet to come. ♥︎

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Wishing you love and blessings always, my friends.

We are having regular all day Moon Void of Course periods during this month (a few times a week), which affects business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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