Ups and Shutdowns – March 27, 2020

The final weekend of March begins with Venus  trine Jupiter, the two benefics that bring blessings into your life. You may receive a gift – either $$, an opportunity, resources, comfort or may just be in a feel-good mindset. Optimistic, seeing possibilities. Sounds good, right?!

On March 28 Venus and Jupiter are still linked, and now Venus is in harmony with Pluto (what’s hidden). Venus trine Pluto creates passion and magnetic connections, and can also activate a dynamic in which you have great power to make things happen! Pluto speaks to empowerment – your ability to create what you want – and with Venus implies love, $$, how you value your Self and creativity. Enjoy and make the most of this energy.

On March 30, Mars goes from structured Capricorn into free-spirit Aquarius, where Saturn arrived last week. Mars (action) in Aquarius does everything its own way, will not be controlled and is a visionary energy, focused on making things better for the future. Not a rule-follower…

So when energetic Mars runs into Saturn on March 31 at 0º Aquarius, it may feel like you’re hitting a wall. You may experience delays, obstacles or something that impedes your progress at the moment. Mars is foot on the gas and Saturn is the other foot on the brakes. Can you say “shutdown?” Reqrouping is needed or more detail required – something that calls for more work (Saturn) and patience.

The highest expression of Mars-Saturn is methodical actions and plans. This is not what Mars in Aquarius had in mind, so easy does it and don’t blow up from frustration or be discouraged. Take a step back and do the next right thing, which may be waiting, but may also be reworking.

This energy will linger through mid-week as we feel the energy of the Jupiter- Pluto conjunction that will be exact on April 3. Jupiter is expansion and Pluto is power – thinking of what’s occurring now with the coronavirus and government shutdowns – along with the desire some have to restart the economy. Expect power struggles and control issues.

I hesitate to make predictions, but know that Jupiter-Pluto is BIG. If the emotional energy gets amped up during the week, this is why. You don’t have to allow yourself to be swept along by fear, contraction or compulsive behavior.

Spiritual practices are MAJOR now. It’s your job to keep yourself as grounded and centered as possible. Rely on helpful friends and advisors for support as needed – and be that support for others when you can.

We’re in a pattern disrupt created by a virus. There is a purpose for everything and we will see what that is in retrospect.

Trust the process. Trust your process. As always, I’m sending you love and my most heartfelt gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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