Undo | Redo: Venus and Uranus Retrograde – July ’15

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We open the week with two Retrogrades, which creates the energy of “Re” activities – review, revise, reassess, redo, rebuild, revamp. It’s an opportunity to slow down and reconsider where you are and what needs correction, or  where you need to do something different. It’s an opportunity to begin anew.

Venus (planet of love, what you value and how you value yourself, money, creativity and what makes life worth living), is turning Retrograde tomorrow until Sept 6th.

This is an opportunity to assess and rectify non-working patterns around how you value yourself, relationships, and money. Money is totally related to what you value and what you allow yourself to be, do and have, as well as what you have to do to get it. Just know that everything begins with how you value yourself – and what you believe to be true FOR YOU. It’s a rich topic that dictates much of your life.

Watch for old loves and lovers to “re”-appear in your life – or for old partners to make contact (business or personal). You may suddenly be attracted to a new “type” of other or you may have the urge to totally redo your style (hair/clothing/decor).

Don’t do anything permanent during Venus Retrograde. Getting a tattoo may be a problem after Venus goes Direct, when you may wake up and feel stuck with the effects of your decision. Want to dye your hair pink? Go ahead – because you can change it again easily. That’s the drill during Venus Rx.

On Sunday Uranus turns Retrograde. Watch for the unexpected – and because it’s squaring Mars (will/aggression), you may easily be blindsided by actions/events that catch you by surprise. This energy will be in effect through Tues, July 28, so if something comes up that you weren’t expecting: step back, assess, decide, THEN take an action. Be deliberate rather than reactive – that’s the goal.

On the other hand, maybe there’s a dramatic change that needs to happen in your life, so please consider the area of life where anything unexpected comes up. What is the greater message for you? You can be proactive and do something to shift your life in a positive way…

On Monday, July 27th, the Jupiter-Saturn square comes into orbit, potentially activating conflict around expansion vs. security/safety. This can play out via internal or external experiences – or both. One part of you wants to expand and the other wants to stay safe and secure.

External experiences are an outpicturing of an inner belief or feeling that you are holding (conscious or unconscious). Because it’s a security vs. expansion conflict, choose the higher expression of Jupiter-Saturn, which is to expand in methodical ways.

When faced with a decision, ask yourself: “What will serve me best – expanding or staying still?,” because that is the choice you are making.

Staying still is contracting when you are motivated by fear – and fear can be tricky in masking itself as logic, so if you get a “No,” really feel into where that no is coming from.

Staying still is just not where we are anymore. Find an action that you CAN do to move forward. If some part of you wants to expand, you are ready to expand!

And we still have Venus-Jupiter running in the background though mid-Aug, offering us beautiful blessings, so be available to receive all that’s coming your way!

We have a major Moon Void of Course period this week, which affects business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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