Turnaround: Mercury / Neptune Retrograde – June ’14

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We are currently in the Mercury Retrograde station, as the planet of communication is preparing to turn back from June 7 – July 1st.

Get ready for the opportunity to revisit, revise, redo or reconfigure anything and everything that feels out of alignment for you. This is the time to reassess where you are and how life is working for you.

What would you like to change? You have more power than you realize, so be fearlessly honest with yourself about what you really want. Then make a list of what you can do right now to get the ball rolling, as Mercury Retrograde is all about course corrections

On Monday, June 9th Neptune turns Retrograde for many months, but during its station (now) it’s power is greater than usual. This stimulates compassion, empathy, Divine Love and imagination, so tap into the energy of Oneness that we all are (higher expressions).

Lower expressions of Neptune are confusion, escapism, addiction and victimhood. If you find yourself in the lower modes, choose a creative pursuit or spiritual practice to elevate your vibration and do something positive for yourself or others.

There are other aspects that may create tension or generate obstacles this week. Mars (action) is opposing Uranus (change) and they both square Pluto (transformation/upheaval). This is like a traffic jam with three obstinate, strong-willed types. Sounds like fun, huh?

Where are you feeling anger, frustration, irritation or annoyance? These are the clues that something really needs to change. Instead of thinking it’s “them” that’s the problem, try looking within.

What are you putting up with, rationalizing or tolerating that you really need to do something about?

This energy is ripe for breakthroughs and transforming old patterns – so if you hit something, seek the deeper meaning for maximum awakening and benefit for you! Get help if you can’t figure out how to move through any stuck energy – you may have the opportunity to pry some major pattern loose!

I wish you a week of joyfully productive course corrections, awakening and movement in a direction that’s good for you!

Watch for Moon Void of Course periods this week, which can affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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