Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – November 2022


The effects of this week’s cosmic events will reverberate for months to come, with the Nov 8 Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Every Eclipse is a fated “wild card,” but this one is turbo-charged, due to an array of  aspects that give it extra impact, as it falls on the mid-term elections in the US, and the outcome will determine the power dynamics of the government going forward. 

Nov 5 – Venus opposes Uranus and it’s time for a change in your style (your aesthetic), relationship, how you relate to others or who you choose to be with – perhaps more unusual, independent or stimulating types. Or maybe you need space (or your partner does). You may make new decisions about $$ (spending or saving), your creativity or how you feel about your Self. With Uranus, it is a sudden change, so don’t commit to anything permanent, as it may not last. 

Nov 6 – 2am FALL BACKDaylight Savings Time Ends...  you get an extra hour of sleep :))

The Sun and Mercury conjunct the South Node successively on Nov 5 and 6, inviting you to recognize old habits, beliefs, behaviors and stories you tell about your identity and abilities that limit your possibilities. This is a space of discernment where you can feel what you’ve outgrown, as you don’t want to drag your old, outdated identities and creations into the future with you. Purge the auto-pilot past to be in the present moment as who you are now, even if you’re “in process,” not fully actualized into your next expression yet. 

Nov 6 – Venus squares Saturn with a reality check or you feel unworthy. You may be Venus, feeling left out – or Saturn, setting a boundary. This can relate to $$, relationships or your value. If this touches you personally, see how it can benefit you, because with Saturn there’s always a lesson or teaching.

Nov 8 – The Total Lunar Eclipse is at 16º Taurus @ 3:01am PDT. The Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon, which is the culmination, when things come to light – a time of completions and endings. The Sun in Scorpio (what’s hidden) is conjunct the South Node (past/karma), Mercury and Venus – and the Moon is in Taurus conjunct Uranus (liberation) and the North Node (Destiny). 

With Uranus on the Full Moon, it adds an extra layer of unpredictability to the Lunar Eclipse. We already don’t know what to expect, but now, it’s next level – and Saturn (tradition, stability) is square Uranus and the Full Moon, representing the polarities involved in the current power struggles between the status quo and rebellion.

Uranus sits on the Moon in Taurus beside the North Node of Destiny, asking us to reconsider our values and simplify our lives for the Greater Good; to free ourselves from limiting or fear-based circumstances. 

The Sun, Mercury and South Node (karma), are in Scorpio holding the collective shadow with issues around power and powerlessness, secrets, secret backchannels where power structures are hidden. Watch for revelations to come to light in the weeks ahead…

Retrograde Mars in Gemini (info/communication) squares Neptune all week, indicating confusion and covert actions, hidden agendas and smokescreens that obscure the truth. Think: sleight of hand, a magician who attracts your attention over here, while doing something over *there,* misinformation and other forms of miscommunication, whether intentional or not. This is major on Election Day and the events that follow.

Also on Nov 8 – Mercury and the Sun are cazimi (at the same degree), which creates an opening for a an awareness or idea to arise, especially after releasing an old idea, belief or identity on Nov 6 when Mercury was conjunct the South Node. Consider this a window of opportunity and be open to what comes in for you.

More on Nov 8 – Mercury opposite Uranus, your thinking may shift in an instant, creating a new perspective, a brilliant or innovative idea or a radical change. When the mind is instantly dilated by its higher octave (Uranus), insights come in a flash. Write it down, so you don’t forget what comes through.

Nov 10 – Mercury square Saturn can be a tough decision, paperwork, conflicting viewpoints, mental heaviness, over-thinking, difficulties communicating or over-work. Take a break. This is followed by Venus trine Neptune, the antidote for the heavy mental energy, as in indulging your right brain – or Higher Self. Any spiritual practice will serve you, as will being in nature, in or near water, with animals, children, being creative or appreciating creativity. Love, romance and emotional connection will also soothe your busy mind. 

This week is action-packed with dynamics that are more than you can process in the moment. Only in retrospect will you be able to fully appreciate the effects of the cosmic events on your consciousness, your life and the world. A few general tips:  

*Don’t judge events that happen around the Eclipse as “good” or “bad”  because you won’t know the big picture yet. 

*Use the guidance: “Don’t just do something, sit there!” if anxiety triggers you to act prematurely or reactively, which won’t serve your Highest Good. 

*On the day of an Eclipse you are in the dark, so easy does it and relax as much as possible.

“In order to make a quantum leap you must be willing to tolerate ambiguity, confusion, possibly even chaos for a while, shaping your game plan as you go. Allow some disorder in your life.” ~ Price Pritchett

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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