Things Come To Light! Full Moon in Leo – Feb 3, 2015

Full moon river

And the slo-mo beat goes on in Mercury Retrograde through Feb 11th, inviting you to review, reframe and revise anything that’s calling for a course correction or clearing. 

Simultaneously, tech issues and communications can be tedious or fraught with challenges. This is a good time to practice patience and give yourself lots of space, whatever is happening. Being in a hurry is a recipe for stress and upset!

We enter into the weekend with an all day Moon Void of Course today and on Sunday as well. This should make for an interesting Super Bowl! I’ll be watching to see if anything unusual happens… 

Then we move into the Full Moon on Tues, Feb 3 at 6:09pm ET on the Leo-Aquarius axis. The Full Moon is a Sun-Moon opposition where things come to light or it’s the culmination of things.

Leo is the sign of creativity, leadership, and the performer – or where you came to express the unique expression of your Self. The house that Leo rules in your chart is an area of life that you must developed in order for you to feel whole and complete. 

You will be led there if you’re living in alignment with your truth – and you must dare to step forward and embody this energy of leadership in your life, even if just in your own orbit. What are you being called to develop?

Jupiter is conjunct the Moon, increasing the Leo energy and you may feel even more ambitious and positive than ever to commit to a dream, an intention, or to allow yourself be seen. Jupiter magnifies whatever is there, so be sure you’re on the right track before you blow it up!

Aquarius rules the Greater Good as well as your Authentic Self. It’s about doing things in new ways or new things altogether, to make the world a better place for all. Aquarius is “Oprah” energy; innovative, objective, and connecting with humanity and groups.

Remember that 36-48 hours prior to a Full Moon is when the pressure increases and emotions/reactivity can rise. So beginning on Sunday, pay attention to your feelings and interpretations of your interactions with others. 

To counteract the impending Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde heightened energies, try to keep things light and give others the benefit of the doubt. 

You will be grateful for creating an expansive container and being generous of spirit. Nobody wants to feel bad, so when you or others aren’t at your/their best, please be compassionate and forgiving. Yes. ♥︎

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Wishing you love and blessings always, my friends.


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