The Warmth of the Sun in Leo – July 22, ’16

Sun BurstSun BurstSun BurstSun BurstSun BurstThis is a good week to be in creation mode. The Sun moves into it’s home sign of dynamic, “CEO” Leo today, where creativity and self-expression rules.

Leo is also the sign of circumstances in which you are the leader or take center stage. This energy carries vitality, responsibility and confidence.

Self-expression is vital to experiencing a feeling of wholeness, so find a way to shine your Light. This is a perfect time to start a new project, whether professional or personal. Your gifts and unique expression have merit, so have the courage to come out of hiding and let your creativity flow (and show :))

At the same time, we have Chiron (the wound/wounded healer), South Node (karma), Neptune (Higher Self/intuition) and the Moon in Pisces all weekend. This can bring up energy of the past, disappointment, feelings of loss, emptiness, old wounds and it can drain your energy and enthusiasm.

Rather than sinking into a low vibration, find something to connect to that is meaningful or uplifting for you. The opportunity in bringing karma and old wounds to your attention is for you to do whatever you can to transcend or move through them.

If you’re stuck in an emotion that brings you down, please get help. Don’t hang out in the space and decorate it, if you know what I mean… Don’t live there indefinitely – the past has passed, unless you choose to drag it around with you. Really.

Notice the ways in which you’re operating in “protection” mode – where you’re avoiding, defending, or just waiting for something unwanted to show up (which often calls in what you don’t want). That’s another form of the past reasserting itself through your mind.

Be willing to face whatever needs attention in your space and focus on what you want to create going forward. Be in appreciation of all that’s well and good in your world – and in the global world. Give love where you can and send love where it’s needed.

Uranus (change/rebellion) is sitting still, about to turn Retrograde next Friday, which heightens its energy. Notice the ups and downs – and how you surf the waves. This is the energy of deconstruction and upheaval that’s ongoing and we are in it for the long haul.

Understanding cultural breakdowns intellectually is one thing, but living through them is another. Expect to continue to be inconvenienced. Life will never be “like it used to be” again. To be in longing for the “good old days” is a trap, too, which keeps you from being present.

How will you engage with this new world? What do you have to offer – and how will you contribute? These are questions to ask yourself  as you move forward. Find your center – and connect with your personal North Star to re-center yourself whenever you feel off balance or lose your way.

You can do this. I promise. And your tribe is doing it with you.

The Moon Void of Course can easily derail intended outcomes and create chaos instead of smooth productivity – and it is also the optimal time to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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