The Summer Solstice – June 2022

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As we traverse the final days with the Sun in Gemini, we enjoy a rare setup – three personal planets each in their own signs: Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Taurus and Mars in Aries. This helps to make life flow more smoothly in general, with less resistance, when planet can express themselves easily and fully. Mercury = thinking and communication, Venus = values, $$ and relationships, and Mars = actions.

On June 18 Venus squares Saturn, bringing a reality check. Maybe you hit a snag and need to do extra work before you can proceed with a project or you have a conflict with your partner. Venus is what you value and how you value your Self, and a Saturn square will let you know what needs attention, further detail or clarity. Because Saturn rules time, you may know what you want, but have to wait to get it. Pushing won’t help – just do the next right thing and trust the process. No shortcuts with Saturn.

In relationships, this is perfect for problem-solving, should you both be willing to take responsibility for what you’re doing and how to make it better. With Saturn, doing the work is always worth it. A Venus-Saturn square can also trigger low self-worth if you have that pattern, so if it appears it has come up to be seen, acknowledged and released. You don’t have to buy into that old story any more. And it IS a story. You can let it go. 

 Later on June 18 Venus sextiles Neptune, smoothing out any rough edges from earlier, as nonlinear Neptune softens the energy and redirects the focus to love, dreams and connection to All That Is. This is perfect for being in nature, leisure, movies, spiritual practices, deep connections. Enjoy. Relax. 

June 19 is Juneteenth, emancipation day for African American slaves in 1865. The Sun is inconjunct Pluto, as the planet of power and transformation brings up the shadowy energies for us to see so we can decide who we want to be and how we want to live. Issues around power and transformation are front and center. Because we’re in the midst of the U.S. Pluto Return, we’re in an experience that has brought us to our knees collectively, but it’s necessary in order to facilitate the death and rebirth that is coming. Keep the faith…

On June 20 Mercury sextiles expansive Jupiter, bringing good news, optimism, bright ideas, big picture thinking and Mercury has finally cleared its shadow from the Retrograde, so answers, info and deals may fall into place now. This is optimal for decision-making, communicating and reaching out to make connections. Fabulous for sales!

On June 21 Venus trines Pluto, activating a magnetic attraction to someone, an obsession with an object of desire or deep sharing with your partner. You may have a cosmetic procedure that transforms your appearance or a makeover that makes you feel more beautiful. Direct this energy toward something you want in a productive way.

The Summer Solstice is on June 21 @ 2:14am PDT as the Sun enters Cancer and the summer begins. Cancer is the sign of the mother, home (literal and inner), family, traditions, your lineage and deepest personal roots. It’s who you are at the core. Cancer rules your needs, feelings, vulnerability, emotional safety and your personal life. Cancer is the nurturer-caretaker, emotionally connected and present, creating secure attachment and a feeling of safety. It’s a sense of belonging and where you come from.

Cancer is ultra-sensitive, highly intuitive and attuned to the rhythms of the universe, so on the longest day of the year, contemplate where you are, what you need and where you belong. Go within and connect to your Inner Guidance, rather than using your mind. This isn’t an intellectual exercise, it’s intuitive. 

Cancer can feel what’s right – and who you belong with. Surround yourself with love, support and those who will allow you to grow and be who you are. Restrictive types are counterproductive. And if you don’t know who you belong with or where you belong yet, be willing to sit in the unknown and ask to be shown. Then stay tuned for messages and directions to guide you forward, knowing all is well. I lived like that for years and it works if you’re sincere about wanting to grow. 

Venus moves into Gemini on June 22 and now she is ready to mingle! In Gemini, Venus is the social butterfly, a born networker, who loves the dynamic of communicating and chatting. Venus in Gemini is curious and wants to explore, so this is a good time to see what else you might be interested in as we emerge into our new post-covid world. 

Also, Venus in Gemini wants to talk about things. Have conversations – learn by asking others, even those you don’t know. Expand your circles, reach out, with more face to to face IRL (in real life) talks,  to gather info. These aren’t the deep probing discussions, they are shorter, lighter chats. Gemini style. Think of a butterfly flitting around from flower to flower – that’s the idea…

On a 3D level, lots going on… energetic shifts and movement from one season to another, a planet changing signs and life feels ripe with possibilities. On a higher dimensional level, you are still being asked to release that which is outdated, irrelevant and unnecessary for your continuing growth and evolution as you take the next steps on your path, your personal yellow brick road. Your heart and what you love are always your GPS that will call you forward.  

What an adventure. As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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