The Retrogrades & Full Moon in Libra – April 2017

Saturn turned Retrograde yesterday, calling for revision and course corrections regarding career, authorities, your Inner Authority and life structures. You are experiencing the effects of prior decisions and actions – and will have until late August to rebuild and recreate whatever is needed. That’s the invitation – to get real and make some new decisions :))

Expansive Jupiter opposes the Sun today bringing optimism and opportunities into your orbit. Of course you can go overboard, but Jupiter can help you expand beyond your usual limits – and you can benefit from this energy. Most people are too frightened or careful to really stretch and discover their potential. Know where you’re coming from (overly cautious or reckless) and make decisions accordingly. But think in terms of possibilities today!

Mercury Retrograde begins Sun, April 9 – May 3. Get your ducks in a row now if you haven’t already. Mercury is in practical Taurus, focused on security and what is real. This is the time to review, revise, redo, remember, and regroup. Use this period to clear clutter (mental/emotional and physical), make amends, reconnect, and plan for moving forward when the time comes. You will have lots of opportunities to practice patience, which will serve you well. Don’t freak out over every “broken shoelace” – take a breath and do the next right thing…

Retrograde Venus is in compassionate Pisces, exalted in Divine Love. The focus is on love and compassion for All That Is, knowing we are all connected. Or it can be sacrificing for love; or being delusional and calling it love (be mindful if you meet someone new!).

Venus is conjunct Chiron (the wound) all month, creating a profound space for healing deep heart wounds that you have carried for a lifetime, with compassion and reverence for all involved. Venus & Chiron are both squaring Saturn (all month), which brings up old hurts around being denied love and care. Feelings of unworthiness, abandonment and rejection that surface now are being brought to light for healing and integration.

This can also be a profound karmic ending/completion/healing. If you’re in a relationship that’s no longer working, this may be the time when you realize it – or have already and end it. Whatever you do, do it with reverence and appreciation for your partner and all you’ve learned through this sacred experience.

The fast track to a do-over (recreating the same issue in the next relationship) is blaming the other person and not taking responsibility for your part in creating whatever you experienced. Finding your part in the dynamic is empowering, allowing you to change the non-working behavior.

We have a Full Moon in Libra on April 11th – and it is dynamic! Abundant Jupiter is sitting next to the Moon opposing Uranus (rebel, change) with the Sun. The Moon-Jupiter combo is squaring Pluto (power, transformation) activating potential power struggles and emotional drama. Don’t go there – it won’t serve you. This is also the potential for breakthroughs and transformational awakening – and Pluto will help you get ready… Go for it!

A perfect intention with all the Retrograde energy. You own personal deep dive, course correction and evolution. It’s profound work and you are SO worth it!

Easy does it this week :))

Namaste, Pioneers.


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