The Pre-Eclipse Period – May 29, 2020

We currently have Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto Retrograde, with Neptune soon to follow later in June. This is a lot of reviewing and revising energy after months of all planets Direct. Time to face areas of your life that are calling for a cosmic makeover, as we watch old structures fall apart to be rebuilt.

The Eclipses are coming, beginning June 5, and in this Pre-Eclipse Period, the energy is activated and it is on high! Mars in Pisces squares the Sun and opposes the Moon today, which heats up tempers and fuels conflicts (inner and outer).

Are you frustrated/angry about anything in your life? This is a cry for attention if you are. What do you need right now? That is the question/problem for you to solve.

Mars is anger/action/the warrior and in Pisces it can manifest as depression, despair, victimhood, or passive-aggressive behavior. Mars in Pisces will fight for the underdog before it will fight for itself. The Advocate. Begin with your Self and take care of whatever needs your attention and action. Then use the energy to help others if you are moved to do so; just don’t forget yourself.

We received a preview yesterday about what lies ahead as the North Node (Destiny) conjoined with Mercury in Gemini, indicating focal points and recurring themes going forward (disputing truth, fact-checking Twitter posts, protests/riots re: race and brutality). Topics that make sparks fly.

Mercury moved into Cancer today thru Aug 4, where it will Retrograde June 18-July 12, which prolongs its stay in sensitive Cancer (Ruled by the Moon). We are approaching a Lunar Eclipse, so your thinking, communicating and connecting can feel electrified, dialed up, super-emotional and/or reactive.

Over the weekend: May 30 the Moon squares Venus (needs and desires in conflict) and May 31 the Moon squares Mercury (feelings and thoughts in conflict). These affect your mood and you may feel our of sorts and unsettled. Spiritual practices, creativity, space or being in nature can help to quiet your mind and soothe your nervous system.

If you have excess Mars energy, do something productive and physical – move your body, rearrange clothes, furniture, organize. Be deliberate with your actions so your emotions don’t take you over with the energy on high. Sports, bicycling, swimming, walking, running, dancing – whatever works for you.

We enter June with a harmonious flow between the Sun and Moon, with the Moon and Venus right behind it. The vibe is warm, soothing and soft, good for connecting with others, fulfilling your needs and desires, and maybe even getting a hair cut :)) Tune in to your senses to discern what will feel good to you now.

June 3 has a Sun-Venus conjunction, which is the halfway point of the Venus Retrograde cycle – time to check in with your values, relationships, $$ and heart’s desires. How are you doing, even in this weird time? The opportunity for course corrections are ripe during Venus Retrograde.

We’re leading up to a Lunar Eclipse (endings/completions) at 15º Sagittarius on June 5 @ 3:12pm EDT. I’ll tell you more about the Eclipses in the coming week, but for now know that the Eclipse energy is already here – that’s really what’s going on in the world now, with all the added drama and violence.

Take good care of yourself. Be deliberate and mindful regarding where and how you will engage with yourself, life and others.

As always, I’m sending you love and my most heartfelt gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo


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