The Pre-Eclipse Alert – Nov 12, 2021

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The week starts out smooth today (Nov 12) with a flowing Sun-Neptune trine and then closes with a high intensity Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on Nov 19. In between we have a series of shake-ups (wake ups) and potential breakthroughs, followed by harmonious aspects that allow for and support integration and new perspectives. Divine alignment!

Nov 13 brings Uranus opposite Mercury, which can manifest as brilliant insights, ideas, revolutionary paradigms and solutions – or a blindside, chaotic interactions, nervous issues, accidents or provocative words. Uranus rebels when it’s bored or feels oppressed, so do something to create change – choose an alternative path or do something different. The energy is ripe for an insight or experience that can create a breakthrough! Oh, you can have tech issues too – if so, just handle it like you would a Mercury Retrograde… slow down and redo :)).

Venus squares Chiron on Nov 15, which triggers a heartwound, usually around worthiness, lovability, your value or other fundamental element of your Being. We go to great lengths to cover up these issues and often don’t even know they exist – or we think they are healed because we understand them. Mental comprehension won’t heal your heart; love and connection do that. 

Venus-Chiron can sensitize you to the collective pain, and it calls for tenderness and compassion toward your Self and others. Don’t buy into the belief that you are less than lovable and worthy. I promise it’s not true – no matter why you think so.

The Sun squares Jupiter on Nov 15 as well, giving you the confidence and positivity to take on the world! Great, as long as you stay mindful and “read the room,” i.e., don’t go overboard. Pay attention to your surroundings, people and the messages you are receiving in response to whatever you’re doing, saying or attempting. 

Your energy will be high which is great for sales, a project launch, a pitch, connecting – but remember, the Venus-Chiron square is running, too. Don’t let low Self-esteem drive you to put on a show to cover feelings of “less than.” Handle your inner space before you connect with others, so you can be real.

Nov 16 brings the Sun-Pluto sextile, a solid day for problem-solving, work, building anything that is meant to make an impact. Pluto feeds your ambition and gives you a sense of purpose, at best, to serve the Greater Good. Self-serving types invoke heavy karma and pay a steep price later, so use the planet of power and transformation with reverence. Handle with care :)) 

Mars opposed Uranus on Nov 17, which is the edgiest day of the week. Mars is action/aggression and Uranus is unpredictable – and this indicates relationship energy, so you don’t know what you’re going to get. But it will be a surprise. Your job is to be flexible and non-reactive in the moment. Whatever happens, sit with it if you can and then decide what to do after the dust settles. 

Mars-Uranus creates poor impulse control, so outbursts of anger are on the menu. It’s a good day to lay low with irritability, hair-trigger tempers, could even be earthquakes with Mars as the activator (Uranus in Taurus=Earth). It’s just a touchy day when impulsive energy reigns – and this leads into the Lunar Eclipse on Nov 19 PST, which is heightened emotional energy already, so chill out, do your routine tasks, decide in advance not to engage with drama. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

Nov 18 is harmonious, flowing and couldn’t be sweeter – except that we’re moving into a Lunar Eclipse overnight! Mercury trines Neptune, which feeds your creativity, spiritual practices, writing, poetry, storytelling, intuitive gifts and communication (verbal and non-verbal). This is a beautiful day for for intention-setting pre-Eclipse, even though it’s a Full Moon Eclipse that goes to endings. 

You might want to journal or meditate or walk in nature and see what messages come to you. What feels complete now that you can release? 

Stay present, pay attention to what’s leaving your life and let it go. Trust the rhythm of the Universe as life unfolds; we are moving toward a Sacred Turning Point as we approach the final set of Eclipses in 2021. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo


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