The Post-ApocEclipse Period – April 10, ’15

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We are in the “post-ApocEclipse” period, which continues for the next few weeks as particles are rearranged after the latest round of structural dismantling. 

You can feel the shift in energy from chaotic/intense breakdowns to emerging possibilities and budding new creations — that will blossom and flower in their glory as days and months go by! 

Jupiter turned Direct on Wed, activating the energy of expansion, abundance, confidence and optimism. This supports you in transcending obstacles (external or your own inner fears, doubt, unconscious sabotage) and stretching beyond old limitations. This is my idea of grace. 

How to maximize this opportunity? Make time to brainstorm, play, be creative or luxuriate in nature and allow your right brain and intuition to flow through you – and then act on impulses that arise. That’s how creative people operate – they trust their instincts and cultivate inspired ideas. You can, too!

Jupiter in Leo initiates bold actions and creativity, allowing you to function in new ways – as who you are becoming, rather than how you’ve done it in the past. From this perspective, possibilities abound!

Until mid-week, the Sun, Uranus (change) and Mercury are all in Aries, fired up and ready to start something. If you haven’t already done so, direct this energy with intention and use the Jupiter positivity to activate a dream, a plan, an adventure or creative expression that is uniquely “You.” 

Venus moves into social, flirty Gemini on April 11th, looking for connection and some fun (enjoy!). However, by Monday Venus will be moving into an opposition with Saturn, possibly bringing up news about $$ owed (taxes?) or some restriction, lesson, or challenge. This comes to a head on the 4/15. What timing…

Venus rules $$, relationships, creativity, self-esteem and values, so don’t go into reaction if you experience rejection or have to deal with some form of responsibility that feels heavy. Just handle your business and take good care of yourself. This may not even touch you, so don’t go into fear and attract something that you don’t want in your space. 

Also, Pluto (transformation/upheaval) is stationing all week to turn Retrograde late Thursday night. This is a demand to eliminate superfluous or outdated structures/ideas/things from your life – or you will have things removed if you don’t let go voluntarily.

Pluto can give you the impetus to overcome a major challenge if you have the courage to face it and walk through the fire. You will be transformed by the experience — and that’s the point. 

Believe me, if you’re having a Pluto transit, nobody will have to tell you because it’s clear that some aspect of you and your life is dying. But the point is to know that you ARE the Phoenix Rising – and that you are being purified on some level to be more authentic, deep, clear and REAL. 

This isn’t a punishment – it’s an initiation – and you are likely a healer or spiritual teacher who is learning some thing that you will one day share with others. I’ve been there – it’s not for the weak. But you will find out that you are much stronger than you ever imagined, which is all part of the experience.

Hold the intention that you are being led to your Highest Good, no matter what the path looks like. Leave self-judgment behind – it only hinders your joy and your progress. Be optimistic and go for your dreams!

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Namaste, friends. ♥︎

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