The New Moon in Aquarius – Jan 27, 2017

Freydoon Rassouli New Moon

The New Moon in Aquarius is tonight. Finally we have the energy of a New Beginning – and all planets Direct until Feb 6th. Yay, it’s “go” time!

New Moons always initiate New Beginnings, a time to take action and plant seeds for things you want to create or grow. With all planets Direct, the brakes are off and you can move forward when you take actions that align with your intentions.

Aquarius is the progressive sign of independence, innovation, the Greater Good, revolution, authenticity, groups, organizations, humanitarian causes, technology and humanity.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (change, your Authentic Self), which is currently traveling with Eris, the disrupter (sound like anyone in the public eye?!). Consider this a heads up to look in new directions when creating your next steps – and to practice realigning when plans go awry.

In which area of your life do you need to think out of the box, to be innovative or inventive right now?  Are you stuck in a rut? If so, this is the time to take a risk by opening to new ideas and addressing the needs of your Authentic Self.

Instead of relying on what’s familiar or fitting in, dare to do something different! Approach challenges with new solutions, explore new groups or cultivate new friends. Find a tribe that nurtures who you are now and will allow you to grow and blossom.

Objective Aquarius is also about equality and friendship, seeing all brothers and sisters from around the country and the world as equals regardless of race, religion, politics or creed, remembering that we are more alike than we are different deep within. If you do this, it can only help to diffuse the antagonism that is so prominent in the collective now.

Mars (action/will) moves from sensitive Pisces into its home sign Aries, just hours after the New Moon and this energy will be available so you can go after what you want! Aries is the warrior – courageous, direct and determined. It’s the go-getter!

I urge you to utilize this good energy flow to create something meaningful and productive. You can just go along with your life and not take action on it, but that would be a wasted opportunity. Just saying… even baby steps count…

Saturn is squaring Venus on this New Moon in Aquarius. Venus is what you value and how you value yourself, so this energy can bring up issues around worthiness, self-esteem and ways you sell yourself short. If you feel rejected or devalued, feel into what you believe about yourself that needs correction. This is a preview…

Venus rules $$ too, which is a reflection of what you think you deserve (or can have). If you undercharge for your time/services, ask yourself why? If you don’t feel supported or appreciated by your partner, what’s that all about? Whatever comes up is meant to get your attention.

Venus will be going Retrograde in early March until April 15, so we’ll be spending lots of time on issues around love, relationships, money, what you value and how your value yourself. The Venus-Saturn square is just a preview of what needs attention and your job is to do something about it. Get help, make a move, take an action. Staying still is not a good solution in these times.

It is your responsibility to disconnect from that which isn’t serving you. You have to know when to let go in order to be available for something better. Pay attention to how you feel and be discerning. Don’t get stuck in tunnel vision, where you can only see one solution or setup; trust yourself and widen back for a big picture view (another perspective).

This should be an active week – and know that the following weeks will bring a set of Eclipses. Yes, never a dull moment in our active world! But we’ve been preparing for this. We have to be willing to stretch and grow with the times. Challenging, but it keeps us alert!

Namaste, Pioneers.

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