The Liminal Phase – March 25, 2022

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The Sun is in Aries, but we still have three planets in Pisces, three planets in Aquarius and the Pluto Return in Capricorn, so there’s more energy in signs other than Aries at the moment. You may feel a stirring of something ready to be birthed from within you, but you must also honor the timing of the cosmos. Be willing to sit in the in-between space and surrender what no longer serves you – in all areas of life, including old ideas about who you are. 

Your 3D Self has plans, ideas (worries and fears), but your soul’s path is accessible via your Higher Self. Be open to where you are being led. Pay attention to the signs around you. Be willing to align your rhythm with anything that needs to be incubated or released. We’re in the midst of a huge planetary overhaul during the next few years that will lead us to higher ground and your presence will allow you to contribute and participate, so don’t resist.

We are in the dark of the Moon, a liminal phase, leading to the New Moon in Aries on April 1 and this is a week to get your ducks in a row. Some actions will be practical and external, while others will be about dropping into your inner space, opening to messages of inspiration, guidance, direction, however they appear. With Mercury in Pisces on March 25/26, you may see images, hear songs that speak to you, see a movie or have a dream. When Mercury moves into Aries on March 27, the messages will be direct, literal and clear!

On March 26, Mercury sextiles Pluto, which is great for problem solving and seeing deeply, beneath the obvious. Reading between the lines, therapy mind, connecting the dots, making sense of things, going deep. Conversations that are productive and meaningful. Use it well, especially if you need to get real. 

On March 27, Mercury enters Aries until April 10, making communications assertive, direct and even aggressive/argumentative at times. Mercury in Aries is not a listening or receptive Mercury, it’s a “listen to me” vibe, so be mindful. If you have a hard time speaking up, this could help you. For pushy types, this could be trouble (for you or them). I think we’ve all been trained by now how to manage the way we interact with others. 

When Venus conjoins Saturn on March 28, you can make something you value real by taking action – an engagement, wedding, a creative project, an investment, purchase a gift, beautify your Self, your world or your home. Venus is what makes life worth living and Saturn is commitment, time and effort. It creates things that last – and, if something doesn’t hold up, it can end (like a bad relationship). But this is a great time to put energy into anything that matters to you regarding love, money, beauty, creativity, partnerships and how you value your Self. 

On March 30, Saturn squares the North Node of Destiny, indicating that it’s time for us to release that which has helped in the past, but has outlived its usefulness. That goes to the collective, but it is also a good marker for you to consider in your own life, which requires discernment. It’s easy to recognize what’s harmful, but when something’s been helpful it’s trickier to see when it’s become detrimental. Where in your life is it time to remove the training wheels, release the teacher, therapist or love object? A valuable check-in.

For the rest of the week, sit in the space of what’s flowing in your world and use your intuition to follow the breadcrumbs in your life and consciousness. This requires quiet time and space. Jupiter and Neptune, two planets ruling Pisces will be conjunct in mid-April, are traveling close together already and they bring a wave of compassion, sensitivity, mystical attunement, imagination, empathy, Oneness – or (lower expressions), anxiety, depression, delusions, gullibility, victimhood, addiction and a feeling of powerlessness.

The remedy for any lower expressions of the Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces energy is a genuine heart connection from a high space of integrity and care. A spiritual solution is the healing for addiction and many other ailments. Energy healing is helpful. Empowerment is healing. I know, personally. Humans are resilient and we can create miracles, so never give up on yourself or anyone else. Get the help you or they need. 

We are here now on purpose during this time of upheaval and the karmic Pluto Return, to usher in a new paradigm that we can’t even imagine yet. Stay tuned, know that your role is to shed your old skin like a snake; don’t drag the old life into the new world with you. I know it sounds dramatic, but look around – if you came to be awake, be awake! It’s so much more meaningful than attachment to 3D drama, materialism, indoctrinated behaviors and egoic needs for recognition. 

Take care of your Self, contribute where you can and be a loving, supportive community member and friend. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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