The Eclipse Period & Uranus Retrograde – July/Aug 2017

We are currently in The Eclipse Period (July 24-Sept 4), approaching a Lunar Eclipse on Aug 7 and a major Solar Eclipse on Aug 21. This period creates a wormhole, or a tunnel between two realities where things can change dramatically and very quickly.

Adding to the electric energy, Uranus (rebel, change) is slowing, about to turn Retrograde on Thursday, Aug 3rd. This activates the energy of unexpected twists, surprises, blindsides and profound openings. The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius will amplify this energy in the following week…

Operating from a fear-based mentality will only attract problems and create stress for you. Have a vision, a purpose, a direction to focus on – and be open to the new!

The Grand Trine in Fire is still active, providing a path aligned with your Highest Good if you’re open to taking actions to move forward. This is a collective gift for us all. Use it!

Aug 7 – Lunar Eclipse @ 15º Aquarius

Aug 21 – Solar Eclipse @ 28º Leo 

Emotions run high around eclipses – expect the unexpected as well as fated events, and be flexible.

Eclipses can either clear huge obstacles or manifest potential challenges and things usually happen quickly.

If you’re confronted with an unexpected situation or event, take a moment to assess where you are and let the dust settle if possible.

There’s a saying, “Don’t just do something, sit there!” Use that guidance when anxiety triggers you to act prematurely or reactively, which doesn’t serve your Highest Good.

Please don’t judge events that happen around an Eclipse as “good” or “bad” because you don’t know what the big picture is and more will be revealed.

Here is general info about Eclipses so that you’ll recognize the ways they can manifest and how you can work with the energy.

• The energy lasts for about six weeks – you feel it two weeks before the 1st Eclipse, two weeks between the Eclipses, and then two weeks after the last Eclipse.

• Expect sudden changes, unpredictable events, moments of fate and fated events

• Eclipses indicate “unnatural acts” (check the news) – and you may feel unnatural around an Eclipse

• Things may seem out of proportion during an Eclipse

• The story that opened up during the last set of eclipses is in effect until the next one (the last set was Feb 11 & 26) – what was going on for you then?)

• Themes and issues will be revisited – what has been suppressed or denied in your life for the last six months?  Time to address it!

• Eclipses can bring important contacts into your life – or take people out of your life

• Solar Eclipses are about beginnings (New Moons)

• Lunar Eclipses are about endings, completions or the culmination of things (Full Moons)

• People may overreact, be overly emotional, tense, and are often controlling due to feelings of powerlessness

• On the day of an eclipse you are “in the dark,” so relax in “easy does it” mode as much as possible

Changes will happen (either to you or someone you know), so be prepared to be non-reactive and flexible.

And remember, even if you don’t understand what’s happening, more will be revealed…

One more thing. Mercury Retrograde kicks in on Aug 12, so back up your info and get ready now.

Use this dynamic energy for inspiration and upgrades that align with your integrity, purpose and Higher Self.

“In order to make a quantum leap you must be willing to tolerate ambiguity, confusion, possibly even chaos for a while, shaping your game plan as you go. Allow some disorder in your life.” ~ Price Pritchett

Namaste  – dream BIG and make a move!

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