The Cosmic Shakeup & Full Moon in Taurus – Nov ’16

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Get ready for new days and new ways that are here now. The presidential shakeup was a blindside that caught everyone off-guard.

One theory is that it was caused, at least in part, by the Eris-Uranus conjunction. Eris (an asteroid) creates disruption and Uranus (The Great Awakener) activates the unexpected and/or revolution. You may not like it, but from a big picture perspective this is a game-changer.

Next, Mars is in Aquarius, here to shake up the status quo in terms of how it operates. It’s the perfect recipe for entering uncharted territory. And radical ideas are how we advance, so be open to new views and ways you haven’t seen before.

Astrologers have known for years that government structures would crumble in order to be rebuilt when Pluto (transformation) was in Capricorn (authorities, structure) from 2009-24.

It took until now to arrive at this dramatic turn of events, which also represents the aftermath of the unrest created by the Pluto-Uranus squares from 2012-15. We don’t know what’s going to happen going forward, but things will be different, that’s for sure…

The Sun and Mercury (the mind) are currently in Scorpio, which rules the underworld and the shadow. Perhaps so many of the dark, fear-based scenarios in the air are ruled by this energy (and Scorpio is a scorekeeper that never forgets a wrong). It can benefit you by bringing up that which needs attention (healing) so you’re aware of it. Then it’s your job to get the care you need.

It will be a relief when Mercury moves into big picture Sagittarius tomorrow, offering greater possibilities for moving forward in a more positive way. It will be our job to do that, rather than be in reaction or fear of the future.

All weekend the emotional energy is rising as we approach the Full Moon in Taurus on Monday at 8:52am EST. Taurus rules what you value, financial security, and how you value yourself. Venus, ruler of Taurus, moves into Capricorn tonight – seeking stability, security, and solid structures to build upon.

Taurus is also fertility, the earth, where we plant seeds and nurture what we value. Take good care of yourself and each other. Put your attention on building something that matters to you. Get out in nature and ground yourself in what is real. Any thoughts in your head are likely mind chatter – dropping into the body and physical world can be a relief.

There are a few all day Moon Void of Course periods next week, perfect for integrating the myriad of feelings activated by reference points that were so dramatically shifted.

I suggest you decide how you want to be going forward and do it. Don’t spend your time and energy projecting fear into an unknown future, as it will only bring you pain.

Today is 11:11 – another opportunity for us to rise up. Oneness can only happen when we’re willing to drop the past and be in the Now with an open heart and mind. Anything is possible, especially when you direct your attention toward your desires, aligned with the Greater Good. I vote yes for that.

Take good care, friends. Namaste.

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