The Chiron Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces – Sept 16

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This month has been a game-changer, especially with Mercury Retrograde and the Saturn-Neptune square as an ongoing backdrop to keep internal movement going. It feels like an initiation to me.

The Solar Eclipse on Sept 1 was squared by taskmaster Saturn, forcing you to face something or make a decision that probably wasn’t easy, activating a new beginning.

On Sept 9, Jupiter (expansion, Higher Truth) moved into Libra for a year, calling for peace, harmony and balance in your life and relationships. This is a stabilizing aspect that creates opportunities.

Today’s Lunar Eclipse brings some ending or completion, and things may come to Light that were previously hidden. I choose the best possible “let go” in my own life, to align with the energy and be proactive. Be aware of what is no longer useful and be willing to grow – and if something is beyond your control, roll with it.

This Lunar Eclipse is on the Virgo-Pisces axis, squared by Mars (The Warrior), pushing for something to happen right now! Don’t force solutions and be mindful of taking premature actions because you feel anxious or fear that you’ll miss out. Actions motivated by fear are never aligned with your Higher Self.

The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces is conjunct Chiron, The Wound/Wounded Healer archetype. This Chiron Lunar Eclipse brings up deep old core wounds, issues, and beliefs that can destabilize you and undermine your sense of well being.

You may be experiencing issues you thought you’d already handled – and you can’t believe that you’re “here” again! You may feel disillusioned, disappointed, victimized or worried (all lower expressions of Pisces/Neptune). It’s humbling to feel so vulnerable and the call is for love and care.

As another astrologer said in reference to the Eclipse, “It’s an ego let-go.” I so agree! That which is incongruent or outdated is being revealed and Pisces rules the higher dimensions, so allow the spiritual teachings in. Obsession with your ego keeps you from living from the Greatness of your Spirit.

We have a Mars-Uranus trine that supports innovative actions that align with your Authentic Self. Like Dorothy’s ruby slippers… :))

Venus opposes Uranus, activating the need for freedom and space, especially wherever you have compromised your independence for security or $$ (same thing). If you’re feeling impulsive, you may create some drama, so be forewarned…

Saturn is still squaring Neptune, perpetuating the unwinding of old structures and highlighting reality vs. illusion. You still may not be sure about what’s real at any given moment. Let your intuition be your guide and course correct as you go.

Is this enough action for you? We will be experiencing the effects of all of this as the week goes on – and Mercury will be slowing down. On Thursday, Sept 22, Mercury turns Direct to slowly change direction.

This is a sacred time. Be open to new revelations about your Self and your life – and allow yourself to evolve.

The Moon Void of Course can derail intended outcomes and create chaos instead of smooth productivity – and it is also the optimal time to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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