The Cardinal Grand Cross Arrives! April ’14

GC Cross

This is the last day of Aries before the Sun moves into earthy Taurus on Saturday night. Usually, Taurus is the grounded sign of easy going comfort and pleasure, but it is also the most fixed sign in the zodiac – the sign that least likes change, so there might be some resistance this week. 

On Monday the Grand Cardinal Cross (April 21 – 23) becomes exact. The drama and intensity has been building and we feel the four conflicting energies colliding with each other. 

The impact of this setup is change: either letting go, surrendering, or watching something weak or outdated leave your life. The purpose: your evolution and highest expression of your Authentic Self.   

Depending on how the planets align with your personal chart, it will determine how personally and deeply this experience affects you. You can certainly see all the drama and violence that’s taking place in the world these days, but often the personal experience is one of inner pain/discomfort from being out of alignment with your heart or Higher Self.

If you have this experience, as always, I urge you to be proactive and do what you can do take responsibility for what’s “off” within you. You can’t get away with pretending or putting up with things that are not right for you. Your life, your body and/or your relationships will let you know where you’re out of alignment.

It’s not a punishment, it’s a message – so get the message! Either you know what to do to take care of yourself or reach out for help. Period. Evolving is about learning, growing and taking responsibility for what’s working and what’s not working in your life. 

This intense planetary configuration is meant to shift humanity in a dramatic way. I wish you breakthroughs and awakenings that create new openings and possibilities for your life.

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